Mukhzan-ul-Asrar-o-Sultan-ul-Aurad By Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammed Sarwari Qadri. Makhzan Ul Asrar, the treasury of secrets being the first of the five poems By Shaik Nizami of Ganjah. About this book. Terms of Service · Plain text · PDF. Title, Makhzan Ul Asrar, Or, the Treasury of Secrets: By Shaik Nizami, of Ganjah Society for the publication of oriental texts. N. Author, Nathaniel Bland.

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Due to simplicity, and effectiveness of these works, one is almost obliged to think that this great holy personality knew through intuition that there will be a time like the present, when it will be difficult to find a perfect spiritual master.

It is an invocation whereby the seeker comes out of the darkness of the opaque world and enters the luminous macrocosm of the invisible world and there mixing and meeting with the resplendent invisible creation of that world, he derives maximum esoteric benefits from them. Different topics related to spirituality have been discussed more importantly topics related to tasawwuf and its types, spiritual master and their different forms have been mentioned.

His Poems contain extreme impressions of spiritual reality and facts of asar rooted in human existence. The time span of the end of this universal show has been qsrar. Mar 30, by The islamic-shadow presentation. Thus he put his esoteric knowledge and spiritual wisdom and teachings in writing and in this way has forever made its benefit available for generations to come. T his book is divided in eight sections in which explanations regarding spiritual recitations, meditations, spiritual attainments like fana-fi-Muhammed and Dawat-ul-Qaboor have been given.

The most probable instances that a disciple faces when he treads the path as laid down by his spiritual order has been thrown light upon. Jan 15, by Muhammad Ataun Nabi Hussaini.

For every Qadri saint, it is necessary to attend the royal court of the Prophet Muhammed P. Hazrat Sultan Bahu r. Dec 27, 6: T his book contains information on the xsrar heart and the various dimensions of the spiritual world. Mar 2, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori.


95 Makhzanul Asrar / Makhzan Ul Asrar Hazrat Sultan Bahu English Book

Dec 21, 3: Dec 6, 5: Nov 25, 1: Noble Life of The Prophet, Dr. Dec 18, Kitab ut Tawheed Topics: This book covers many aspects of Spiritual Faqr of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ra together with his own spiritual discoveries and personal experiences. Ego and its effect have also been explained.

Feb 8, by Maher Muhammad Ajiz Barvi. But due to their own short-sightedness and shortcomings they give up further studies of the books. Its object is to bring the seeker from the world of pluraty towards the chamber of unity and to take the seeker from the darkness of opacity towards the light of subtlety.

Makhzan Ul Israr Wa Sultan Ul Aurad Wa Roohi Shareef By Faqeer Noor Muhammad Qadri Kalachvi

Mar 9, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori. It influences the seeker so much so that he is strengthened in his resolve for higher knowledge. Makyzan sincere devotion and respect and by continuos reading an electricity of divine light is created in the heart of the reader, inculcating in him a spiritual revolution and attraction which makhzab rise to a strong yearning and affectionate longing for Allah the Beloved.

This book is an Urdu translation of Divan-e-Bahu. Jan 24, by Muhammad Tariq Lahori. Mar 15, by Muhammad Ataun Nabi Hussaini. The above is true and has been experienced by many a scholar that sooner or later one reaches ones hearts desire.

And if a perfect teacher is his partner, he unites the capable seeker with Allah, the Most High through a single attention or enters him in constant attendance in the court of the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon HIM. Through this book he can directly experience and assimilate spiritual energy from Hazrat Sultan bahu ra.


Please delete Jeff Kaplan 0 Nov 25, 1: Uploading multiple files Jeff Kaplan 1 Dec 17, 5: Light has been shed on this concept that mysticism and tasawwuf are two totally different paths. Feb 23, by fateh muhammad jalandhari ra.

Mar 24, by Malik Shair Muhammad khan Awan. Much relevant information on adrar Qadri sufi order has been given in this book. Jan 22, by Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab. Please delete Jeff Kaplan 0 Nov 27, 9: The book reveals little known facts like the presence of many more majhzan beings before the very first man, Adam.

Haq Numaey Noor-ul-Huda Kalan. In short, this book solidifies the deep secrets of faqr-e-Bahu ra. Dec 19, 1: Dec 17, 6: The main ideas behind spiritual practices are discussed. This is a book which explains the spiritual eminence of the Qadria sufi order, it also discusses the immense spiritual significance of the great king of Sufism Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ra.

The author has put an extra ordinary effort in collecting and encapsulating the complete details about the Aulia’s of Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s ra reign, his forefathers, descendants and khulifas. We should note that it was customary for the writers of makhsan time to decorate their prose and poetry, in an incomprehensible fashion. These are the verses related to Sufism and have very deep meaning, which can only be rightly comprehended by saints and persons having abilities to understand spiritual subjects.

All the orders of Sufism directly or indirectly get their share of spiritual wealth from makhzn celebrated king nakhzan spirituality Ghous-e-Pak Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ra. Mukhzan ul Asrar o sultan ul asrrar faqir faqeer Noor Muhammad sarwari qadri sultan bahu Topic: