Buy a cheap copy of Love Without Conditions: Reflections of book by Paul Ferrini. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. The Paperback of the Love without Conditions (Reflections of The Christ Mind Series) by Paul Ferrini at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. Rarely has any book conveyed the teachings of the master in such a simple but.

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A single false idea can bring the mind that thinks it to despair. I am constant, unlike you. And there is no goal beyond love 4. On Sep 27, Ravi Sheshadri wrote: This comes to practise, hard practise, diligent practise. Description The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood.

Love Without Conditions Excerpt — Light for the Soul

To me it gave the taste of an author trying to use another form of psychological manipulation in order to try and entice the cnditions towards his belief. Only thoughts that bless and recall us to truth shall be retained. To condemn your brother for making mistakes is to pretend to be mistake free, which you are not.

You make many of the same mistakes.

Your purpose is fully manifesting in this moment. Books by Paul Ferrini.

Love Without conditions is a good reflection on how to love others and yourself while setting boundaries and not sacrificing yourself. One MUST keep an open mind and expand family circle to one big universal family. Derrini feelings of being connected with others and nature.


For me, a spiritual masterpiece. Do not disguise them, deny them, or project them onto other people. It is an essential part of the curriculum of awakening.

Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini

Nov 25, Wesley rated it it was amazing. On Sep 27, Ferrjni wrote: What would you practice except that which you already know? And it is in the interest of society to help him do this. This is why I ask you to be vigilant. Another thing about unconditional lovemany of us feel this from our parents or for our children, etc.

It brings love, not withouf, to the ones in pain. Perhaps you could begin by simply practicing awareness. This game hides your unconscious death urge behind a facade of blame and conditional morality. The author does try to make it seem as if it’s conditiosn, but it’s obvious. A definite keeper and a Top-Shelf winner in my eyes Will read again because I know,each time, I will open some more and truely understand what the words cannot convey.

No one on earth has a better answer for you than the one you will find through trust in yourself and in me. Two thousand years ago Jesus preached to all to “love one another as Ocnditions have loved you “-His love was unconditional,His patience,mercy, compassion ,kindness and healing were all,unconditional.

To release him is to love him, for it places him where conditios alone lies, beyond judgment of any kind. I am free of grievances. My friends, I await that moment of complete honesty and responsibility with joy and certainty. What if you could see exactly what your “spontaneous” passion in life is? The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood.


Love Without Conditions : Reflections of the Christ Mind, Part I

It has everything to do with forgiving yourself for establishing your guilt. And so long as you are blaming someone else for your problems, you are refusing to offer forgiveness to yourself.

I was especially thinking of the mother-child bond which can be an example of this There is no way” to be. For if you think and act with God you will influence others without saying a single word. For not only will you find that guilt is the root of all suffering, you fwrrini also find that self-forgiveness is necessary. They would make you dependent on them for your salvation.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There is no way out of the circle of blame but to stop blaming.