Tough minded Jessica Trent’s sole intention is to free her nitwit brother from the destructive influence of Sebastian Ballister, the notorious Marquess of Diain. Lord of Scoundrels. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. An AAR Top Romance. review originally published on May 15, Lord of Scoundrels held the #1 spot . BOOK REVIEW: Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase Lord Dain can’t wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place—and in some.

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It’s Jessica who goes out and tries to contact the boy. As sccoundrels many of her stories, Chase scouhdrels her heroine a strong female, deciding to model Jessica after the type of women who lived a few generations previously and who had “a more practical, frank attitude toward sex”.

Dain does think through his actions after the fact and usually realizes when he was wrong and apologizes. Pfffffffff me tuvo derretida desde el inicio del libro hasta el final.

Before then, she had been making up her own stories but now she knew how to write them down to share. It was like things almost hit the mark, but they never quite hit the center. Lord Dain can’t wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place–and in some amorous position.

He was an ugly baby, loved only by his dearest mother, who was taken away from him. Dain, by contrast, becomes a sulky child who pouts and throws fits when he doesn’t get his way.


Lord of Scoundrels — Loretta Chase

He reached out and wrapped his monster hands about her waist and lifted her straight up until her wet, sulky face was even with his own. You just have to like him, no? Ah now the kid. An exquisite storyline with a hero with an heartbreaking poor self-image and sadly ruined childhood. This is one of the best historical romances ever written.

Lord of Scoundrels — All About Romance

I was utterly charmed by the unconventional love story between Lord Dain and Jessica Trent. This book is a cherished keeper. Sebastian, tortured, shunned by his father. This page was last edited on 4 Septemberat The Scarlet Flower Beauty: The only explanation I could find for it, aside from her skillful writing, was the fact that Jessica was the best and the lorf heroine for Dain.

Take your penis out. After the Abduction Sabrina Jeffries. She knows of his flaws, but cares about him loreta, although she doesn’t let him get away with anything. Set inthe story follows the Marquess of Dain, a half-English scoundrells aristocrat known as “Lord Beelzebub ” and the “Lord of Scoundrels” for his unscrupulous, immoral behavior.

Lord of Scoundrels

loretts Sebastian doesn’t even admit to Jessica that he loves her until literally 3 pages before the end of the book. As one other reviewer wrote, there was just something missing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


I know all of his trust issues were ‘explained ‘ by his mother. As I said before, Sebastian has the typical romance ‘misunderstandings’ where he does unkind things toward the heroine because of his misguided assumptions. But boy, did he won me over in the end not by changing into someone unrecognizable but just by being him and falling in love with Jessica.

He’s determined to continue doing what he does best-sin and sin again-and all that’s going swimmingly, thank you. Jessica’s grandmother, Genevieve, was a delightful secondary character who was full of wit and charm herself.

Kate’s Blog

Wishing to depict Jessica as the “Extreme Female”, Chase emphasizes her clothing and gives Dain “a chance to exercise his caustic wit”, as he deems the latest fashions to be ridiculous.

It’s worth noting that both of these books also have a very odd scene about desperately having to go to the bathroom and also desperately needing to talk about it, as at one point, Dain tells Jess that sex will have to wait because he needs to drain the main vein: Absolutely blooming brilliant book. I really liked LOS, but it’s not my 1 all-time favorite book.