Context, Discourse and Vision of Lohia’s Socialism. RAJARAM TOLPADI. Five aspects of Rammanohar Lohia’s socialist pursuit stand out. paper to indicate Lohia’s attempts to develop an indigenous^ autonomous socialism as an alternative to Nehru vian socialism or Eurocentred socialism. Dr. LOHIA: TOWARDS ‘NEW SOCIALISM’. DR. RAM CHANDRA GUPTA. Once Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia said, “I have nothing with me except that the common.

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He organised and led the college students to boycott the Simon Commission that had come to India to inquire into the working of the Reforms ofand to negotiate with the Indian leaders on the further constitutional reforms.

Dr Rammanohar Lohia: A Rebel Socialist and a Visionary

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Kripalani was elected Chairman of the party and Lohia was elected its General Secretary.

To resolve the differences, a special convention of the Socialist Party was held at Betul in June He was a socialist political leader, a great thinker and noted freedom fighter of India as well.

Communist redivision of land is a hoax to begin with and a futile cruelty in the end. The two latter systems are equally irrelevant in assuring freedom, equality and prosperity to mankind at large. Editorial – edit epw. Archives om Mankind had to face another crisis known as the Cold War between the capitalist countries led by America and the communist countries led by Soviet Russia.

Lohka was a world-minded person who aspired for a true international unity, yet he never disregarded the national interests, Likewise, he was much influenced by Marx and accepted his theory of dialectical materialism, yet he recognised the significant role played by consciousness in shaping the human history. The two-year span of ,ohia birth centenary was an occasion to discuss the utility of his approaches in the present-day context towards the place of caste and class in Indian society, preferential opportunities to the weaker sections, rightful place of Indian languages in official work and administration, history writing and researches in Indian universities.


In the minds of some of the great names in Indian literature, art, films, journalism, judiciary and social sciences, his personality and thoughts left an indelible impresses. Due to his deep interests in debates and extra-curricular activities, he missed First Division in the Intermediate examination.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The rise of the first phase of capitalism in England was the result kn the loot and capital flow from Bengal to England, followed by the occupation and economic exploitation of the whole of India, resulting in the capture of Africa, South-East Asia which led to the strengthening of the capitalist system in Europe. He wanted that the Socialist Party should place equal emphasis lohai vote ballotagitation jail and constructive work spade.

Consequently, the socialist leaders resolved to eschew doctrinaire political thinking in favour of pragmatic and empirical analysis of India s problems as a necessary first step in evolving a new democratic socialism. Dr Lohia and JP were almost the last political prisoners who were released from jail in April Lohia wholeheartedly opposed the war efforts launched by the colonial administration in India. Lohia argued that men would do mad things if their hunger for equality was not appeased.

Industry must, therefore, be socialized and economy planned. Dr Rammanohar Lohia, a veteran freedom fighter, great visionary thinker, founder of the Indian socialist movement, socialiam practitioner of Gandhian techniques of resistance and an active exponent of the idea of a wocialism government, was born on March 23,at Akbarpur, district Faizabad, UP. The Asian masses will be slcialism to sell their democratic rights socalism they are convinced that they can procure bread through some economic system.

With the emergence in of the Quit India movement—a campaign initiated by Mohandas K. But he did not trust the communists o he thought that they had always attempted to employ gross economic poverty for insurrectional pressure on the state.

Ram Manohar Lohia

Summing up the main objectives of Asian socialism, Lohia tells that it should strive for the attainment of such concepts as the democratization of administration, small capital outlay such as small machines, socialised property and maximum attainable equality.


His nationalism was not narrow. This is necessary for bringing about peace in the world. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. As the President of the P.

Lohia vigorously protested against the enrollment of Indians in the Royal Army during World War II for which landed him in jail in and again in Nehru too was much impressed by his sharp mind, his talent for speaking and his fervent nationalism.

Although his parliamentary influence was ultimately limited, his progressive views, which he expressed in numerous publications, proved inspirational to many Indians. He had to undergo the worst socialis of torture in jail. He held this post for about two years. Thank You for Your Contribution! His greatness lies in the perseverance of fighting spirit against social discrimination, class inequality in independent India.

At the ideological level, the path of socialism must be distinct and at equal distance from the paths of capitalism and communism. Get instant access to the complete EPW archives Subscribe now. InLohia became a Member of Parliament for the first time.

Biography: Lohia-The socialist leader – Oneindia News

Organically covered by the flesh and blood of equalities already indicated, this constitutional skeleton of the four-pillar state can bring to democracy joyous fulfilment. He was a champion of a new civilisation based on democracy, socialism, non-violence and disarmament. Vladimir Putin, Russian intelligence officer and politician who served as president —, —…. He seemed to be against both capitalism and communism on account of their fad for big and heavy machines.

This type of thought-orientation was not liked by many of his colleagues. Internet URLs are the best.