Um livro que me fez chorar e não gosto de chorar! Uma história que tem algo de mim e tanto de gente de que eu gosto. Uma história cruel sobre amor. Sobre o. O livro Dançando Sobre Cacos de Vidro, da autora Ka Hancock, publicado no Brasil pela Editora Arqueiro, em , de páginas, é uma boa pedida pa. Olá faroleiros! Tem resenha do livro Dançando Sobre Cacos de Vidro da autora: Ka Hancock/Dancing on Broken Glass, publicado pela Editora Arqueiro.

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Death is female and not frightening. To say that I loved this book would be an understatement, that is how much it touched me.

Having lost loved ones to cancer, I also thought that her description of the heartbreak and even strange joys of that ordeal rang absolutely true. Want to Read saving…. This is super happy! Their marriage is not a destination but part of the journey. Again, Hancock doesn’t gloss over anything. Really, I loved all the wonderful citizens of Brinley Township. The writing was simply gorgeous. Remember that Mickey is mentally ill. Nicht von ihm geliebt zu werden.

Irgendwie war dieses Buch unglaublich bereichernd, auch wenn es mich hier und da echt fertig gemacht hat. I even loved Lily’s sweet husband, Ron.

Dançando sobre cacos de vidro

This is a love story. I thought this book was well done.


I especially liked the sisters relationships and that of Mickey and his doctor. It had something for everyone. Dealing with Mickey in and out of the hospital over the years to cwcos his meds regulated again. Mickey hits his cycles.

I have had this book on my tbr for awhile and just decided to pick it up. They love each other and use that love to propel them forward. Dancing On Broken Glass.

It’s also a scary livfo. When I realized where it was headed — about a third of the way through — I stopped, and skimmed the rest. I’ve never cried like I did as I finished this, but it was so worth it! It’s stunning and beautiful. The main characters were well-developed and interesting though some of the minor characters caxos romanticized and unrealisticand the themes were universal.

As the author writes more, I think she will be able to write a more “complete” person, one who does not always make the selfless decision, one who is not always predictable. Lucy greets him, accepts him, respects him and continues to love him. May 19, JulesGrrl rated it liked it. I sincerely hope she will write another book OK, I’ll get off my soapbox and back to the book review.

Okay, so I finished this novel with tears streaming down my face along with a box of Kleenex by my side.

Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock

Trivia About Dancing on Broken Ka Hancock’s writing style is simple yet emotionally effecting and evocative. Videos About Dqnando Book. At the time, her father explained to her that Death is not scary or painful.


Hancock tackles some tough issues that are not foreign to the reader. Clinical depression has no source from which it springs-it just is. Lily has struggled with infertility.

A Borboleta que Lê ~ The Butterfly Reads

Dec 29, Christine Shh Moms Reading rated it it was amazing. Mar 24, Alison Armstrong rated it it was amazing.

The kind of relationship we all long for in our souls, but would be willing to count the cost for it? This danadno income goes back into my blog, so I can continue to create fun content for you.

Dancing on Broken Glass

Happy Valy to my Valy! This post contains affiliate links. It is part of the illness.

She is almost too patient, too saintly in handling his illness: I’ll start with the first thing that comes to my mind. And cancer, up close and personal. Lucy’s sisters, Lily and Priscilla, are two of the most important people in her life and play vodro huge part in this novel.