Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Barnes has joined the co-authors of Footfall to The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot series Book 1) by [Niven, Larry. The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot series, Book 1) [Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes, Tom Weiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot, No 1) [Larry Niven, Steven Barnes, Jerry Pournelle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Light years from Earth.

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There is also another book, Destiny’s Roadwhich also takes place in the same universe, mentioning events from the first two, but which is not really a sequel or continuation of their storyline at least the way I understand it. Its a wicked little romp with many false peaks – every time you think the threat is over, you look at the progress on your kindle and what do you know, youve only read thirty percent of the novel.

Still, all in all, this was an enjoyable novel and worth reading. As to the ending, the fact the grendels simply stop attacking the humans when the entire novel showed them as having an insatiable hunger was weak. Well, that turns out to be a particularly smart idea because it also turns out that these creatures have a natural way of keeping their population down — they eat their young. What’s the Name o The science was brilliant and handled in such a way as not to overwhelm the reader or bore them to death – incorporated into the story and revealed in baby steps to allow the reader a full understanding of the alien biology as the story unfolded – much like lfgacy well-crafted mystery.


More about Jerry Pournelle. Trivia About The Legacy of Heo The autopsy reveals that grendels as the creatures are now known are crocodilian in appearance and behavior, with jaws that can crush steel. Some are only mildly afflicted, while others have intellectual disability ; eight cannot be reanimated at all. Mind you, the other catch was that they only eat their young if there is nothing else to eat, so when the colonists arrive with all their live stock, all of a sudden they have something else to eat.

The time now is Congrats on great work, Scott. To view it, click here.

There is no Prime Directive here. Sep 18, Stephanie Ricker rated it liked it Shelves: A tremendous retelling of Beowulf vs. There’s a sequel, too. So, the story is set on a planet orbiting Tau Ceti. Haven’t had the time to finish texturing and rigging it or adding the spikes to the tail, eyes, and tonguebut thought this would be decent enough to post just showing the geometry and bump.

Niven also often includes elements of detective fiction and adventure stories. To ridicule the real war crimes that have been committed against native peoples in history? Oct 28, Dmitry rated it it was amazing.

Creature: a grendel from the novel Legacy of Heorot (WIP)

Cadmann again asserts control. A video clip of him in motion would and will be kewl to view. The protagonist, Cadmann Whelan, is in charge of security in a situation where there seems to be little need for it.

It hits a lot of “true notes” and you’ll see people you know legzcy. I enjoyed this book far more than I expected, and found myself devouring it late at night at a frightful pace. I usually don’t let it or other outdated attitudes bother me too much if the book is good and written well, because I’m not a character from the book and I accept the fact that people with differing opinions can and do exist, but this is not a well written book.

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They have heogot sense of smell better than a dog ‘s. However, now that they have basically gone out and killed all the mature ones there is nothing keeping the population down, so they pretty quickly discover that the whole island is swarming with monsters.

The bits about ecology had been amazing so far and the chapters where the alien animal sneaked through the village and explored things kept me on the edge because of suspense.

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Bestselling science fiction superstars Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle combine their talents with those of Steven Barnes in an extraordinary adventure of humankind’s herot outpost in the farthest reaches of space. Please help improve it by ehorot unnecessary details and making it more concise. It’s as if Tom Clancy was writing fantastic Sci Fi. Dec 19, Ronschae4 rated it it was amazing Shelves: He co-authored a number of novels with Jerry Pournelle. Results 1 to 15 of