The main characters are Juno Boyle, Jack Boyle, Mary Boyle, Johnny Boyle and Joxer Daly. play that he is “struttin’ about the town like a paycock with Joxer, I suppose”. Act II opens with the stage directions stating that “the furniture is more. 2 ACT I The living room of a two-room tenancy occupied by the BOYLE family in a A 3 JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK ACT teapot is on the hob and a frying-pan. Juno and the Paycock Themes. “Isn’t all religions curious?-if they weren’t you wouldn’t get anyone to believe in them” – Captain Boyle, Act II.

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Payckck afther puttin’ the heart across me — I could ha’ sworn it was Juno, I’d betther be goin’, Captain; you couldn’t tell the minute Juno’d hop in on us. He goes into the room on left as MARY comes out with her hat in her hand? That’s the Government’s business, an’ let them do what xct payin’ them for doin’. An’ why didn’t you open the door, then?

Oh, Joxer was here, Joxer was here!

An’ th’ other fella — Jerry’s as bad. Ordher for the song! BOYLE goes into room on left. BOYLE stirs to follow him; thinks of something to relieve the situation — stops, and says suddenly Joxer!


There now, he’ll miss that job, or I know for whatl If he gets win’ o’ the word, he’ll not come back till evenin’, so that it’ll be too late. Are you goin’ to have your breakfast — yes or no? BOYLE appearing at the door.

BBC Bitesize – GCSE English Literature – Characters – CCEA – Revision 2

Not as much as a red rex, man; I’ve been a bit anxious this long time over me money, an’ I went up to the solicitor’s to find out all I could — ah, man, they were goin’ to throw me down the stairs. He has been out drinking with his drinking “butty” Joxer Daly and has not returned home yet. He’ll never blow the froth off a pint an mine agen, that’s a sure thing.

It’s not because he was Commandant of the Battalion that I was Quarther-Masther of, that we were friends. Yes — this place ud give you a crick in your neck.

It’s curious, then, you never heard the knockin’. It was a clear case of victimization. Captain; I don’t like to say anything as between man an’ wife, but I say as a butty, as a butty, Captain, that you’ve stuck it too long, an’ that it’s about time you showed a little spunk. An’ he swearin’ on the pxycock prayer-book that he wasn’t in no snug!

Is the light lightin’ before the picture o’ the Virgin?

You’re done with Joxer, are you? Inside o’ bed or outside of it he’s goin’ to pay me paycocj that suit, or give it back — he’ll not climb up my back as easily as he thinks. Theosophy’s founded on The Vedas, the religious books of the East. When Juno asks him to go and show Johnny that everything is okay, the stage directions state that Boyle is “making no move”.


Plot summary

A glaringly upholstered arm-chair and lounge; cheap pictures andphotos everywhere. Mother, put on the gramophone, for God’s sake, an’ stop Joxer’s bawlin’. I’ll dhrop out an’ see if I can meet him. Oh, you’re never tired’ o’ lookin’ for a rest.

No, we don’t want any blocks! Well, speakin’ for meself, I jus’ had me tea a minute ago, an’ I’m afraid to dhrink any more — I’m never the same when I dhrink too much tay. Ey, ey, there, wher’r you goin’ with that? There’s a junk tatheraraa — that’s a stranger — that’s nobody belongin’ to the house. snd

He’d have been betther for you than that Bentham. No, of course yous couldn’t — yous wanted to keep her company. Me for you, an’ you for me, like the two Musketeers. Oh, is there a mad dog there?