Swing JProgressBar Class – Learn SWING in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment. Java JProgressBar example with topics on JButton, diifference between AWT and swing, JRadioButton, JTextField, JTextArea, JList, The JProgressBar class is used to display the progress of the task. It inherits Computer Network tutorial. JProgressBar – Java Swing: JProgressBar It is visually displays the progress of some task. setStringPainted(boolean value): Sets the value of.

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When the user clicks Startan instance of the inner class Task is created and executed.

How to Monitor Progress

By default, the value of the percent string is the value returned by getPercentComplete formatted as a percent. A progress bar can be reused; a progress monitor cannot.

The progress monitor dialog provides the setNote method so that the task can provide further information about what it’s doing. The dialog goes away and the task stops. For example, an installation program might monitor disk space usage in addition to how many files have been successfully installed. One way of indicating work, and perhaps the amount of progress, jprogressbsr to use an animated image. However, a jprogtessbar bar’s minimum and maximum values can be any value, even negative.

The Component argument is the parent for the monitor’s dialog. Configuring the Progress Monitor Method Purpose void setMinimum int int getMinimum Set or get the minimum value of the progress monitor.

This code uses ProgressMonitor ‘s only constructor to create the monitor and initialize several arguments:.

How to Use Progress Bars

Once the progress bar has some concrete status to display, a call to setIndeterminate false switches the progress bar back into its normal mode. Task is a subclass of javax. Click the OK button. This note is displayed on the dialog.


The following code, from ProgressBarDemo. As your method completes each step, call pb. If, after two seconds, the progress monitor’s progress is less than its maximum, the monitor will bring up the dialog.

If it calculates that the task will take more than milliseconds to complete, the progress dialog appears. This program creates a progress monitor each time the user starts a new task with the Start button. Inside workafter you’ve obtained a reference to the progress bar which I’ll call “pb”, call pb. This note is displayed on the dialog.

Set or get the minimum value of the progress monitor. The background task in ProgressBarDemo simulates a real task by reporting random amounts of progress at random intervals.

Using Swing Components Section: Progress monitor won’t pop up a dialog if the task completes within the timeframe you set. The user can cancel the task by clicking the Cancel button on the dialog. This value is used by the monitor to set up the progress bar in the dialog.

JProgressBar « Swing « Java Tutorial

Run the program using the following command. Here’s a picture of the new jprlgressbar program, ProgressMonitorDemo:. The no-argument constructor initializes the progress bar with a minimum and initial tutoriial of 0 and a maximum of Create a progress bar with the specified orientation, which can be either JProgressBar.

You can show work without measurable progress by putting the progress bar in indeterminate mode. After the dialog pops up, click the Cancel button. The running task is secondary and the user might not be interested in the progress of the task. The code snippet also sets the progress bar’s current value to 0.


SWING JProgressBar Class

The task might not take a long time to complete. The final two int arguments set the minimum and maximum values, respectively, for the progress bar used in the dialog. You need to reuse the progress bar. To adjust the minimum progress time required for a dialog to appear, invoke setMillisToPopup. The constructor with two integer arguments specifies the minimum and maximum values.

Here’s the code in the example that checks to see if the user canceled the task or if the task exited normally:. The long-running task is implemented by LongTask. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

For example, the following code makes the wait cursor be tutirial when the cursor is over container including any components it contains that have no cursor specified:. As soon as the progress bar can display more meaningful information, you should switch it back into its default, determinate mode.

The program needs to display other components along with the progress bar. The value of this object is typically a String.

Sets the value of the stringPainted property, which determines whether the progress bar should render a progress string. For example, an installation task might report the name of each file as it’s installed. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Uttorial. You can also set these values tutlrial setMinimum and setMaximum.

Specifying false puts the progress bar back into its default, determinate mode.