The Summons has ratings and reviews. Sammy said: I found this book on CD at my local library. They were having a sale, so I grabbed this CD. The Summons. December 7, Ray Atlee is a professor of law at the University of Virginia. He’s forty-three, newly single, and still enduring the aftershocks of. Join the John Grisham Mailing List. Sign up to get breaking news, exclusive content and thrilling offers. Please enter a valid email address. By clicking subscribe.

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No longer on the bench, the Judge has withdrawn to the Atlee mansion and become a recluse.

The Summons by John Grisham

Ray and Forrest hid in the attic and cursed their father for tolerating such a spectacle. Also by John Grisham. Sep 27, Pages Buy. Good while in the small Southern town, but boring just about everywhere else. I’ve avoided his books like I avoid anything I see on the bestseller’s shelves assuming they are a bunch of crap because they are popular and popularity of most things literary tends to correlate with the number of i So I’m at my mom’s house drooling over her book collection I did like ‘A Time To Kill’ Mar 26, Susan Stuber rated it did not like it.

The Fugitive Theodore Boone: I missed Grisham’s humor and colorful descripti I ordinarily love Grisham, but this one I could not get into. The Activist Theodore Boone: It was the old, make it up as you go method.


Chapter 1 It came by mail, regular postage, the old-fashioned way since the Judge was almost eighty and distrusted modern devices. Summonns using this sumjons, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The real horror of last night had been the chance of losing it. He was honoring a commitment made before he had retired from the law to become a full-time writer: This time around, it was a bestseller. The remainder of the book is devoted to investigating the source of the cash and trying to discover who the other party is that wants it.

For the spring semester he was teaching one section of antitrust.

The Summons by John Grisham | : Books

But the family meeting does not take place. I don’t even believe it was written by him. Join the John Grisham Mailing List Sign up to get breaking news, exclusive content and thrilling offers. Forrest has an addiction problem and an unsteady work history. Mar 26, Gary rated it really liked it.

I plucked one off the shelf which happened to be ‘The Summons’. Grisahm him a break. Ray reluctantly heads south, to his hometown, to the place where simmons grew up, which he prefers now to avoid. We could have him split it with his brother, but, again, that goes against the greed motive, and also, maybe he really does care about his irresponsible brother. But as you reach the middle, it looks as if you are apparently stuck with endless details and worthless redundant events, which only seems to me as an excuse for reaching a target number of pages!


Ray slid the envelope into the magazine and began walking. The summons is typed by the Judge himself, on his handsome old stationery, and gives the date and time for Ray and Forrest to appear in his study.

It is typed by the Judge himself, on his handsome old stationery, and gives the date and time for Ray and Forrest to appear in his study. I appreciate the symmetry of the plot — in which each brother, sort of, gets even with the other.

Compact Disc – 8 pages – Forget e-mail and even faxes. Obviously his name and rep make it a best seller regardless – the book’s been out a little while, which is why a bazillion people have weighed in.

The Summons

He was also the judge who presides over the trial about the two wills in Sycamore Row. I understand why not all John Grisham books get made into movies. Apr 14, Bill rated it did not like it Shelves: I thought, OK, JG, we get it that you’re a rich boy now, and now you want to explore your rich-boy interests in your fiction.