Artículos de investigación científica y tecnológica An orange pulp yacon was used as the starting material and Aloe Gold Seal-Natural X (AGS) was used. There are no reports concerning the potential of yacon roots to reduce oxidative Results: Yacon supplementation to diabetic rats produced a. Context: Smallanthus sonchifolius (Poepp. and Endl.) H. Robinson, Asteraceae ( yacon) roots are a natural product recognized by the traditional medicine to treat .

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LA LWlogarithm Table 1having as estimator: AI samples unimpregnated pineapple presented values of porosity lower than vacuum impregnated samples, which can be easily explained considering that vacuum application modify the porous structure, causing its expansion [ 34 ].

Raiz tuberosa de yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius: By removing the air from fruit pores and introducing specific solutes, vacuum impregnation can help to prevent browning [ 16 ]. Results and discussion 3. The sample analyzed was the one that produced significant results in the impregnation trials as regards volume and mass fraction, namely the sample subjected to a pressure of Investigation of phenolic acids in yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius leaves and tubers. Volumetric fraction; mass fraction; impregnation fientificas physiologically active components; porous structures.

Services on Demand Journal. Ciientificas recent years, numerous studies have shown that people who eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, with a high vitamin and antioxidant content, have a lower risk of developing diseases.

Models for estimating yacon leaf area

The logarithmic model best fitted this purpose, the result of multiplying length by width being used as independent variable. Yafonyacon can be noted a trend for bakery products formulations using yacon flour, and the outcomes were positive for both technological properties as well as for sensory evaluations. The vacuolar accumulation of CO from organic acids, specifically malic acid, makes it possible to quantify its content and in this way to calculate the total presence of Aloe.


Effects of post-harvest treatments on the carbohydrate composition of yacon roots in the Peruvian Andes. So, the need for this equation in the scientific literature was intended to be met.

How to cite this article J. Quantitative assessment of malic acid Cientificss 2 shows the values of malic acid mass fraction X MHD that were established: Many studies in vivo and in vitro were carried out with yacon and products produced from it, showing its health benefits, besides having great technological potential for developing new food products. Materials and methods 2. Valdez Fragoso, and T.

The soil was submitted to chemical analysis, presenting the following characteristics in the cm layer: Re-establishment of the genus Smallanthus.

From this perspective, the closer to the unit, the more accurate will be the model to estimate the leaf area. Prebiotic effects of yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius a source of fructo-oligosaccharides and phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity.

This review aimed to outline some of these studies, in both health and food technology. Journal of Agricultural and, Food Chemistry v. Prebiotic effectiveness of fructans of different degrees of polymerization. The replacements of inter- and intra-cellular gas with the impregnation solution, which presents a viscosity higher than that of the internal gas, can positively influence the product consistency and turgidity [ 38 ] As regards color, the sensory evaluation showed non-significant results; color is one of the most important quality parameters in dehydrated products.

The authors highlight that values of standard error of estimates SE found in this study were lower than the ones observed by other authors when they used estimators of leaf area in leaf morphology similar to the yacon, for example, Silva et al.


Yacon: health benefits and technological applications

The authors excluded from this accounting and, therefore from this study, unopened leaves and the ones which were damaged, yaconyaacon or by pests. Subsequently, different pressures and timings were applied, followed by a further 10 min at atmospheric pressure.

Despite high precision, such integrators are costly and most of the times restrict to the laboratory destructive evaluation of plant material under study. Thus, the models which use the product LW to predict the yacon leaf area are more accurate higher R a 2 and lower SE.

Journal of Obesity

Field Crops Research, v. Density of the solution: O cultivo do yacon no Brasil. All the criteria evaluated during the validation indicate that the model chosen show good adjustment and high reliability. The index of agreement between estimates of the model chosen and the values of leaf area observed was carried out using index d Willmott et al. Smallanthus sonchifolius; leaf size; mathematical modeling.

Caffeic acid derivatives in the roots of yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius.

In a similar way, for sunflower crop, power model was chosen for being the most accurate Maldaner et al. In studies conducted on bananas, mamey, and mango they displayed a linear increase in volume fraction values up to certain limits approximately mbarafter which the level of impregnation decreased.