A reader may be in” a text as a character is in a novel, but also as one is in a train of thought–both Interaction between Text and Reader; Wolfgang Iser; pp. Wolfgang Iser (22 July – 24 January ) was a German literary scholar. A literary work, which for Iser is created when a reader and a text “converge, consists of two “poles”: This does not mean that the “real” reader simply accepts this role, but rather they exist in tension between their own historical . Interaction. A reader may be in” a text as a character is in a novel, but also as one is in a train of thought–both possessing and being Wolfgang Iser. Central to the reading of every literary work is the interaction between its structure and its recipient.

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Wolfgang Iser was born in MarienbergGermany.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Again, we might object: Toward a Sociology of Reading Jacques Leenhardt pp. To illustrate this, Interachion uses the example of constellations: A reader indulging in to the process of ideation as per his understanding logic and thinking.

Wolfgang Iser

Hence as readers we have recourse to the classical values of symmetry, harmony, and totality, values that enable us to construct a frame of reference against which we can make unfamiliar elements accessible.

Wofgang meaning of the text is not formulated by the text itself but is a projection of the reader.

Iser is known for his reader-response criticism in literary theory. Contact Contact Us Help. The “feedback of effects and information” applies equally to readers and texts and constitutes wollfgang units of meaning or “situational frames” of reference which “merge” to form larger units of understanding.


The text must be able to bring about a standpoint or perspective from which the reader will be able to do this. In the New Critical approach, qualities such as harmony are considered valuable in their own right.

These paperback editions preserve tetx original texts of these important texxt while presenting them in durable paperback editions. Rather than a text delivering some kind of message to a reader, the reader “is bound to insert his own ideas into the process of communication” Act, The former refers to an actual reader whose response is documented, whereas the hypothetical reader is a projection of all possible realizations of the text AR, To demonstrate his model of reading based on recursive interaction between readers and text, Iser constantly refers to his own readings of literary texts.

According to Lainga person can never see himself as he seen by others but he constantly believes and supposes that he is seen and felt in a particular way by other an accordingly redaer forms his interaction and behavior with others.

In other words, everything that has been incorporated into a literary text has been deprived of its reality, and is subjected to new and unfamiliar connections. According to Iser, all of the models cited above are restricted in their general applicability.

The present critical essay of wolfgang iser is an attempt to explain the nature of interaction and relationship between a literary text and a reader. In contrast to a modified reading which exists within an individual reader, interaction with WORP has the potential to produce a still recognizable modified text. A Theory of Aesthetic Response. Wolfgang Iser, The Implied Reader: This paradox suggests the ambiguities inherent in the concept of audience.


Project MUSE – The Reader in the Text

Iser tries to focus on what actually happens when a reader picks up a text for the purpose of reading. Barres, Loyola, and the Novel Michel Beaujour pp. Even though the text consists of ideas thought out by the author, in reading we must think the thoughts of the author, and we place our consciousness at the disposal of the bteween. On the other hand, by making certain semantic decisions and ruling out others, for the sake of a consistent reading, we acknowledge the inexhaustibility of the text, its potential to have other meanings that may not quite fit into our own scheme.

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Key Theories of Wolfgang Iser

The elements of anc also are significant role in the interaction. I can not experience your experience and you can not experience my experience. Moreover, the code of an ideal reader would be identical to that of the author, thereby making reading superfluous AR, 28 — Hence we try to find a balance between these two conflicting tendencies.