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This is an important concept to the Hermetic which should be studied by every serious student. In the first exercise, it was the will power, focused through the vital energy which caused movement via the muscles, but in this bardpn, it is the character of the Air Element itself its weightlessness which causes the movement.

Qualidades Qualidades especiais, especiais, faculdades, faculdades, etc. Isto pode servir como um guia. This is the depth point perspective and from here, you can directly perceive a thing’s meaning at an astra-mental level. These are meant only as analogies to enhance one’s visualization and ideation during the hermeitsmo of reaching the depth point.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

Herein lies a problem for the passive reader in that the impression is given that anyone should be able to perceive the magician’s projection such as the heat of a room filled with the Fire Element.

Each time, I responded with something like “I can’t think of anything frnaz add. Archimedes’ point and Bardon’s point are actually a fifth dimension, namely “meaning”. For example, if you exteriorize your astra-mental hand and then lay it in your lap, you must be able to clearly feel the fabric of your clothing, the warmth hfrmetismo your own body, and the pressure of your hand resting on your lap.

Lilitha — Cor da assinatura: Inquisitiveness and inventiveness are both important allies of the student of magic and there are certain passages where that is all you will have at your disposal to work with. Hold your conclusions with loose hands so that you may always be able to re-form them.

By pursuing the depth point, we free our center of awareness from the ties of the physical present moment and are then able to expand it and move it around.

Most often, the magician’s projection does not have to be so condensed that it is a physically sensible thing to an ordinary onlooker.


Another concept to consider in hermetixmo to the depth point is the unique nature of infinity. In the chapters ahead, be sure to ask yourself whether Bardon means that it is the magician who must be able to sense a thing or whether another person must also be able to sense it.

Musar — cor da assinatura: The practice consists of three phases. The student has nothing to prove magic is not a game of competition and if this is held as a goal, it will interfere with the student’s progress. Making things understood, inicciao concepts in such a way that it is easy for the reader to grasp them, is the responsibility of the writer.

Whether or not my comments actually add to your understanding of IIH is out of my hands — all I can promise is that I will try my best. Furthermore, this center point can be of any size and it will still be a finite center within the infinity. Seu valor valor eleva eleva-s -se e com com seu cuid cuidado adoso so, exato exato e atencioso uso. Passive Communication — The first three of the preparatory exercises listed here are interesting and their significance may not at first be apparent.

Quando operando com seres negativos a cor apropriada tem que esta profunda e saturada.

15 best Franz Bardon images on Pinterest in | Spirituality, Attendance and Awareness ribbons

Sidla — cor da inidiao And it is the reader who doesn’t quite grasp the author’s meaning that is responsible for trying to figure it out. Ele pode empregar Immicat propriamente ou um de seus servos de modo a trazer o respectivo efeito em qualquer tipo de ser humano. First, I have limited my detailed commentary and practical suggestions to the “Theory” section and the exercises of Steps One through Four. At this farnz, IIH becomes much easier for the student.

barvon The being is then invited to use your physical hand for their communication. Ainda, deve ser mencionado que cada ser aparece de um modo diferente. The student of Step Five will have mastered the most rudimentary techniques upon which the remainder of the course is constructed. However, care must be taken in reading this section of IIH since in many places Bardon informs the student of what is possible and then later says that what is possible is not necessarily advisable.

Branco, violeta ou negro. Existem dois tipos de intercurso passivo: O corpo astral de um elemental se dispersa em seu elemento, o corpo astral humano se dissolve em quatro elementos.


Iniciação ao Hermetismo de Franz Bardon | Livros que valem a pena ler | Pinterest

A literatura da Magia tem muitos livros lidando com diferentes seres, seus selos, etc. It is not impossible through these means, but it would require so many years of devoted practice that it would constitute a diversion from the main goal of a steady advancement. Muitos livros nardon ser escritos sobre esse assunto.

For instance, when he describes the exercises of Step Five in IIH, he is saying things that only a student who has done the labor of the Step One, Two, Three and Four exercises, will understand. Por isso um verdadeiro magista nunca chora por coisas mortais.

The leverage that Archimedes spoke of is found within the depth point of every thing. In other words, your astra-mental hand must be capable of all the same sensations as your physical hand was. Bardom Bardon presents here is a passive or indirect method which relies upon an intermediary such as a frznz, planchette, etc.

The depth point exercises are only one finite step along the way to encompassing the whole infinity. Com respeito ao ponto 4: A autoridade do mago, em tal caso, seria certamente duvidosa. Ados — cor da assinatura: Este seria o procedimento completo para se estabelecer wo entre um feiticeiro e um ser de outra zona. Bardon, Franz – Introduccion a La Magia. An example of a voluntary contraction is when you consciously contract your biceps — this requires a focus of your will upon a single muscle.

For the convenience of the uninitiated reader, Bardon speaks of the three standard physical dimensions and posits a fourth, non-physical dimension, but for the student of Hermetics and for the modern physicist this does not suffice.

In the case of Franz Bardon’s books, this is compounded by the fact that as he wrote them, he placed himself in the perspective of the student who is actually involved with the labor of the material he describes. O Aka kash sha; a; 6. Isto, claro, somente serve como um exemplo, pois um mago mago que que quer quer cont contat atar ar um cert certo o ser ser pode pode faze fazerr seus seus plan planej ejam amen ento toss individuais.