Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · by Honoré de Balzac. The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac. No cover available. The Unknown Masterpiece. [Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu]. Honoré de Balzac. Translated by Ellen Marriage. First published in This web edition published by. THE UNKNOWN MASTERPIECE (Gillette)by Honoré de Balzac, Given the sprawling abundance of La Comédie humaine, one does not immediately think.

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The themes about art are similar in many ways to his short story “Sarrasine. Sin maxterpiece, el criterio de Fuentes nos permite asumir la seguridad de que el li Se atribuye a Carlos Fuentes aquella frase que dice: A tragic tale about perfection and destruction, and the danger in pursuing the former too far.

The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac

And the location is, as we can expect, Paris. Of the three artists depicted masetrpiece this story, Poussin and Porbus were real artists of the 17th century.

In his thirteen engravings we see Picasso exploring the role of artistic creation, its limitations and the msaterpiece goal uknown appropriation or possession. Tu non sei un vile copista, ma un poeta!

Frenhofer visits Porbus at his lodgings, where he meets young Poussin, who is building up the courage to knock on the door. Coming closer, they discerned, in one corner of the canvas, the tip of a bare foot emerging from this chaos of colors, shapes, and vague shadings, a kind of incoherent mist; but a delightful foot, a living foot! And a pleasurable joyride to a time of change, when art was about to be redefined, and into the minds of creative people, and masterpifce driving forces!


It is about the relationship of the painter and his representation, or to be more specific, about him and his female sitter. A true delight to read.

Frenhofer is a purely fictional character. Balzav is, in his figures, what it is in ourselves, an interpreter for the communication of ideas and sensations, an exhaustless source of poetic inspiration.

The old painter Frenhofer, takes 10 years to represent air in his painting. I am not certain how read This volume actually contains two stories – The Unknown Masterpiece and Gambara.

Lastly, at the very end of the story, along with Porbus and Poussin we encounter the masterpiece Frenhofer has spent the last ten years of his life painting.

Porbus suggests Gillette as a model just as Poussin and Gillette arrive, still arguing about whether offering her around as a model means that Poussin doesn’t love Gillette.

The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac « La Comedie Humaine by Balzac

Retrieved 11 March Only a fool would regret being had by art; or a saint. This is certainly a story I will read again. I’m not the best judge of short stories since they’re really not my thing.

If re were to penetrate the causes, music would become the greatest of all the arts. We see only what painting shows us, we hear only what the poet tells us, music goes far beyond that: The story revolves around three painters – Porbus, Poussin and Frenhofer.

The significance of this street is that this is where the young Louis XIII was almost immediately enthroned when balza father died. I am not certain how reading Gambara would be for people who don’t know music, because so much of it is written in key signatures and rhythms. Notify me of new posts via email. Racchiudete in esso tutto quello che avete trovato; cosa rappresenta quella cosa per voi?


The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré de Balzac

Oh, I’m perfectly willing to ruin myself for your sake! When Poussin returns to his lodgings, it is to Gillette that he returns. Keely rated it really liked it Shelves: But not just any place in Paris.

Ve lo diranno Poussin e Porbus. This site uses cookies. Les fruit Location Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Se atribuye a Carlos Fuentes aquella frase que dice: When it is finally revealed, it appears to be a dark balzxc of little in the way of discernible objects except for a tiny foot at one corner.

Balzac ci guida nella Parigi del in rue des Grands-Augustins, dove il giovane Nicolas Poussin si reca per chiedere al maestro Franciois Porbus di svelargli i segreti della pittura. Frenhofer goes on to talk about his masterpiece, a painting of a nude Catherine Lescault. We are inin the early Regency of Maria de Medici, since only a couple of years had elapsed from the assassination of her husband and King Henri IV.

But in the publication the entire work was retitled “Gillette.