Hex 40 overall Gia-Fu Feng translated hex 40 judgment by: RELIEF. WEST AND SOUTH FRUITFUL. IF NO NEED TO ACT, TURN AROUND. Southwest advantageous. Northeast not advantageous. If you have no direction to go, the return will come. If you have a direction to go, begin at daybreak. Archetype Deliverance. CR P02 C40 A In the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first day of the month, the waters were dried up from the.

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My Explanation of the King Wen Sequence yields: The lesson is how this new and better state of the kingdom should be dealt with. If someone who once offered support to you no longer serves your plight, it is time to sever the tie. Tarot Free Tarot Reading popular! Anger becomes a hexagrma upon the measure of tomorrow; if you cannot let something go, you are forced to carry it with you.

If only the superior man can deliver himself, it brings good fortune. Find the seed of the ne w by freeing creative energy from past patterns. When he removes the barriers to liberation the inferior men will of themselves retire. There is nothing that is not advantageous. Untie knots, dispel sorrows, solve problems and understand motivations.


Talented people without a leader will feel this and come to your aid. Where the strong-minded and the softhearted meet, there is on balance no error. New friends will come after a time of loneliness. The west and south are favorable.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #40 –

At the outset, the man is freed from obstacles and is recuperating in peace. There is sincerity toward a petty person.

If you do, then do it now. Carrying on the back and riding in a cart brings robbers to arrive; determination is distressful.

Here, the hawk symbolizes an unwise person who has somehow managed to finagle themselves into your life.

40 Deliverance/Liberating JIE

This means that he was able to liberate himself from perverse men. It represents a juncture, a point of insertion or critical point when the inner work hexagrqma done, the sacrifice is accepted and the blessings flow.

When it is in equilibrium, we remove that counterbalance and revert to that which keeps the body in equilibrium. It is important that you return to a place of hexagra,a and renewal. If there is something in a place where one can go, then going quickly leads to good fortune. The written Chinese character for Liberation is the symbol of unloosing — untying a knot or unraveling a complication. Control your compulsive fear or anxiety and success will come of itself. Attend to residual matters that need taking care of, and do so as quickly as possible.


The only way to free yourself from unwanted or unnecessary associations is to free yourself from them inwardly first.

Once you are liberated, inferior elements will retreat into the background and you will win the respect you deserve. Sooner or later, they will hdxagrama the message, and fall away of their own accord.

Such a person is clearly not a friend to have around. Thus the jun zi pardons inadvertent transgressors and extenuates Sic criminal offenders.

40 Deliverance/Liberating JIE | I Ching: Mothering Change

Return and have luck because you are hexabrama the Tao. It is difficult to move forward freely if you are holding onto ideas meant to protect your ideas of the past.

Attain liberation by identifying and eliminating a dangerous entrenched thought, idea, attitude, concept or limiting belief which has been preventing a resolution of the matter hedagrama hand. Everything you want is there.

This attracts outlaws in the end.