It was established by the Gram Nyayalayas Act, Gram Nyayalayas are mobile village courts in India established for speedy and easy access to justice. (1) For the purpose of exercising the jurisdiction and powers conferred on a Gram Nyayalaya by this Act, the State Government, after consultation with the High. Keywords: nyaya panchayats, alternate disputes redessal, gram nyayalaya act. 1. Introduction. Some form of village self-government seems to have some form.

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That is how the Centre decided to set up 5, gram nyayalayas.

He has been going to a court nyayalaua km away for the last 10 years in a case against his family members and neighbours over a minor dispute. Rajasthan 45 Gram Nyayalayas have been notified and all have become operational. For millions of people in rural India, attending court is a nightmare.

One of the objectives of the Act was to reduce pendency and burden on lower courts in the district but the study revealed that even this has not been fulfilled. The Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee, in its report to Parliament, expressed dismay that the Gram Nyayalayas which were supposed to usher in a revolution at the lowest level of the judicial system were being held back because of fund sharing problem between the Central and the State Governments. It is unfortunate that even after eight years of the Act’s enactment and the Standing Congmmittee’s stingi observations, the implementation left to the States, has been grwm across nyayalaa country.

Overriding effect of Act in criminal trial. Officers recruited to this service ought to have a degree in social work apart from a law degree. Instead, this could be made a compulsory service for a certain period for a newly recruited judicial officer to the regular cadre of first class judicial nyayalayx or civil judges.

In force Gram Nyayalayas Act, is an Act nhayalaya Parliament of India enacted for establishment of Gram Nyayalayas or village courts for speedy and easy access to justice system in the rural areas of India.

Gram Nyayalayas – General Knowledge Today

The Gram Nyayalaya Act was passed in to make the judicial process participatory, inexpensive and accessible to rural India. Where are rural courts? We are a nyayalaa to grxm you have been a support to us.

The Centre has been assisting states by bearing the non-recurring cost. However, as described grak the earlier section, data analysed for Gram Nyayalayas in MP and Rajasthan indicate a not so positive outcome in respect of the latter. Apart from finance and political will, lack of coordination between high courts and state governments has also delayed setting up of gram nyayalaya.


Headquarters of Gram Nyayalaya. Retrieved from ” https: The primary focus of the Gram Nyayalaya is to bring about conciliation between the parties. Presented below is an overview of the status of implementation of the Act in the states and Union Acct. A Gram Nyayalaya is established for every Panchayat at intermediate level or a group of contiguous Panchayats at intermediate level in a district.

The state government should first ensure basic infrastructure—building, electricity, water supply and road connectivity—before gram nyayalayas can be set up. These are summarized below:. Also, the state wise responses detailed above, reveal that many of the states have been procrastinating, citing reasons such as absence of sufficient work for Gram Nyayalayas and some even expressing their apprehensions about increased work load in the District nyzyalaya Session Courts.

Gram Nyayalayas

Further, the spirit of the legislation requires that as far as possible Gram Nyayalayas should be established where it would be of maximum utility to the villagers. However, courts are held only once or twice a month.

The main objectives of Gram Nyayalayas included justice at the doorstep of rural populace, speedy and effective disposal of cases, reduction in pendencies in regular courts, use of non-adversarial techniques such as conciliation and plea-bargaining for resolution of disputes, etc.

An emphasis on speedy disposal alone raised concerns about the objective of these institutions- whether to manage the arrears of the cases or to enable better access to the litigants? Punjab Requested central assistance for setting up of 2 Gram Nyayalayas. Failing this, the dispensation of inexpensive and ‘effective’ justice to each person in the farthest and the remotest rural corners will remain a distant dream.

The Act of does not adopt this proposal entirely, but instead clearly delineates the subject matter jurisdiction of Gram Nyayalayas in both criminal as well as civil cases in its First and Second Schedules respectively, while allowing the High Court to prescribe pecuniary limits.

This expenditure involves appointment and salaries of nyayadhikaris judicial magistrate of the first classpleaders, clerks and stenographers.

Where states stand Nyyaalaya a conference of chief ministers and chief justices of high courts held in Delhi on April 7 last year, the then chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, said the implementation of the Act was financially untenable and talked about how courts have been set up at the block level in Gujarat to make justice accessible to rural litigants.


You can further help us by making a donation. Still finance is the main stumbling block because no state wants to burden its exchequer, nyayallaya Atul Kumar Gulati, joint secretary in the Union Ministry of Law. nayalaya

Gurpal Singh vs Jagdish Singh on 18 November, However, some of the Gram Nyayadhikaris opined that creation of such a separate cadre might not be advisable due to the absence of chances of promotion.

Assistance of police to Gram Nyayalayas. Equality and justice are indisputably two key facets of the idea of a modern, democratic, and constitution-adhering India.

Appeals procedures- Appeals lie in grwm court of District Judge in civil cases not above a specified pecuniary value, and in the Sessions Court for criminal cases where the accused has not pleaded guilty, or has been ordered to pay a fine over one thousand acg. The Gram Nyayalaya shall be established for every Panchayat at nyayalwya level or a group of contiguous Panchayats at intermediate level in a district or where there is no Panchayat at intermediate level in any State, for a group of contiguous Panchayats.

The Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee6, in its report to Parliament, expressed dismay that the Gram Nyayalayas which were supposed to usher in a revolution at the lowest level of the judicial system were being held back because of fund sharing problem between the Central and the State Governments.

There has been no comprehensive empirical assessment of the success of diversion strategies towards reducing delay in the formal legal system. There is also a provision of setting up mobile courts at the panchayat level. Yet to become operational Haryana Proposed setting up of 2 Gram Nyayalayas.

Comments Based on Notes on Clauses of the Bill.

It is inexplicable, and even frustrating, that an Indian Law Institute report prepared on the effectiveness of Gram Nyayalayas in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan was not made available in the public domain. The Gram Nyayalaya shall be a mobile court and shall exercise the powers of both Criminal and Civil Courts.

Establishment of Gram Nyayalayas. First Schedule See Sections 12 and Power to amend Schedules.