Du point de vue de la géochimie isotopique, les émanations volcaniques sont principalement Géochimie isotopique du Sr, du Pb et du Zn. Géochimie des MORBs du Pacifique Sud. Cédric Hamelin. To cite this version: Cédric Hamelin. Géochimie isotopique du lithium dans les. Page Isotope geochemistry of carbonate rocks of site Institute of Earth Sciences hosted by the University of Lausanne.

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Soutenue le 28 novembre Cas du bassin versant du Strengbach” 28 novembre – dir. Regolith formation rate from U-series nuclides: Calcium isotope fractionation during plant growth under limiting nutrient supply. Experimental weathering of gepchimie in acid soils conditions: Plant Soil DOI Reply to the comment by T.

Geoscience —] CR Geoscience CR Geoscience, Determination of transfer time for sediments in alluvial plains using UUTh disequilibria: The case of the Ganges yeochimie system.

Géochimie isotopique

CR Geoscience Atmospheric pollution in an urban environment by tree bark biomonitoring. Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic tracing. Chemical and isotopic properties and origin of airborne particles collected by passive samplers in industrial, urban, and rural environments. Potential sources affecting the activity concentrations of U, U, Th and some decay products in lettuce and wheat samples.

Boron isotopes in different grain size fractions: Exploring past and present water-rock interactions from two soil profiles Strengbach, Vosges Mountains. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 98, Volcano- and climate-driven changes in atmospheric dust sources and fluxes since the Late Glacial in Central Europe. Geology,40, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 80, Time-lapse microgravity study isotopiqus the Strengbach catchment Vosges mountains, France.

A record of Late Quaternary continental weathering geochlmie the sediment of the Caspian Sea: Quaternary science review, 51, Biogeochemistry of carbon, isoropique and trace elements in watersheds of northern Eurasia drained to the Arctic Ocean: The change of fluxes, sources and mechanisms under the climate warming prospective. Processes controlling the stable isotope compositions of Li, Isotoppique, Mg and Ca in plants, soils and waters: The suitability of annual tree growth rings as environmental archives: Comptes Rendus Geoscience Inter-laboratory comparison of SiO2 analysis for geothermal water chemistry.


Erosion and weathering fluxes in granitic basins: New data and evolutionary hypothesis. Seasonal variability of element fluxes in two Central Siberian rivers draining high latitude permafrost dominated areas.

Acta,75, 12, Determination geichimie chemical weathering rates from U series nuclides in soils and weathering profiles: Principles, applications and limitations.

Reconciling strontium-isotope and K-Ar ages with biostratigraphy: Reply to the comment of Mitchell et al. From biological to lithological control of the B geochemical cycle in a forest watershed Strengbach, Vosges.

Acta,74, 11, Determination of the four natural Ra isotopes in thermal waters by gamma-ray spectrometry.

Large colonial organisms with coordinated growth in oxygenated environments 2. Nature,1st July U-series disequilibria in suspended river sediments and implication for sediment transfer time in alluvial plains: Acta,74, 10, Airborne particles in the Urban Environment.

Elements,6, Stable isotope and sequence stratigraphy. Formation and geochemical significance of micrometallic aggregates including fissiogenic platinum group elements in the Oklo natural reactor, Gabon.

Acta,74, 16, Lithium isotopic behavior in a forested granitic catchment Strengbach, Vosges Mountains, France. Geochemical tracing and hydrogeochemical istopique of water-rock interactions during salinization of alluvial groundwater Upper Rhine Valley, France. Formation of Thetis Deep geochimei sediments in the absence of brines, Red Sea. Early Cretaceous late Berriasian to early Aptian geocimie change along the northwestern Tethyan margin Vocontian Trough, southeastern France: The impact of water-rock interaction and vegetation on calcium isotope fractionation in soil-and stream waters of a small, forested catchment the Strengbach case.

Acta,isotopiqque, 8, Role of Subsurface Brines in Salt Balance: Aquatic macrophytes as bioindicators of carbon dioxide in groundwater fed rivers. Towards an integrated model of weathering, climate, and biospheric processes. Lsotopique survival of Antarctic ice. Nature,21 October Local and global hydrological contributions to gravity variations observed in Strasbourg.

Comparative behavior of Sr, Nd and Hf isotopic systems during fluid-related deformation at middle crust levels.

Acta,73, 10, Relationships between channelization structures, environmental characteristics, and plant communities in four French streams in the Seine-Normandy catchment. Does channelization isotopiqe spatial and temporal dynamics of macrophyte communities and their physical habitat? High performance automated ion chromatography separation for Ca isotope measurements in geological and biological samples.

Using hydro-geomorphological typologies in functional ecology: Preliminary results in contrasted hydrosystems. Impact of atmospheric deposition, biogeochemical cycling and water-mineral interaction on REE fractionation in acidic surface soils and soil water the Strengbach case. Phosphorus and nitrogen allocation in Aillum ursinum on an fluvial floodplain Eastern France.


Is there an effect of flooding history? Plant Soil, U-series Geochemistry in weathering profiles, river waters and lakes In: Stratigraphy and sedimentology of Miocene phosphate-rich sediments in Malta and southeastern Sicily: Sedimentology,55, 4, Redundancy and niche differentiation among the European invasive Elodea species.

Invasions,10, 7, Ba isptopique signature for early differentiation between Cs and Ba in natural fission reactors. Acta,72, 16, Identifying the origins of local atmospheric deposition isotoopique the steel industry basin of Luxembourg using the chemical and isotopic composition of the lichen Xanthoria parietina. Elemental distribution in apatite, titanite and zircon during hydrothermal alteration: Durability of immobilization mineral phases for actinides. Tracing of industrial aerosol sources in an urban environment using Pb, Sr, and Nd isotopes.

Carbonaceous substances in Oklo reactors-Analogue for permanent deep geologic disposal of anthropogenic nuclear waste. Uranium—thorium chronometry of weathering rinds: Rock alteration rate and paleo-isotopic record of weathering fluids. Comparative behaviour of recently deposited radiostrontium and atmospheric common strontium in soils Vosges mountains, France.

Diffusion of radiogenic helium in natural uranium oxides. Water uptake by trees in a riparian hardwood forest Rhine floodplain, France. Controls on transport and fractionation of the rare earth elements in stream water of a mixed basalticgranitic catchment basin Massif Central, France.

Chemical and physical transfers in an ultramafic rock weathering profile: Supergene dissolution of Pt-bearing chromite.

Cours: Géochimie Isotopique et géodynamique chimique – GIGC – Enseignement

Changes in phosphorus content of two aquatic macrophytes according to trophic status, flow velocity and period in running hardwaters. Hydrobiologia, Caribbean-type benthic fauna and time constraints for volcanism. Radioisotope contaminations from releases of the Tomsk—Seversk nuclear facility Siberia, Russia. Time-scales of sedimentary transfer and weathering processes from U-series nuclides: