The Fender 25W Frontman 25R Guitar Combo has dual selectable channels” Normal and Drive”auxiliary input for CD or drum machine use, a headphone jack . The Frontman 25R ups the ante in practice amps with 25 watts and a 10″ speaker . Overall this amp is louder than the average practice amp but it still retains the. See reviews and prices for the Fender Frontman 25R, as used by Steve Lacy, joaquin aguiar and others.

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User reviews: Fender FM 25R – Audiofanzine

It has great overall tone and the drive channel works well for most types of rock or electric blues. You can look for new or barely used Fender Frontman 25R guitar amplifiers and get more for less.

Guitarists are happy with the design and workmanship of these Fender Frontman 25R guitar amplifiers. As a beginner amp, it does its job. If you’re someone who prefers the gain and distortion and enjoys having something small to carry around easier this amp is the way to go. I do not recommend this amp to anyone. Fender could have put a distortion effect on this unit as well as they did with the higher end model.

It is designed to be a practice amp, but the tone from it is really horrible. If you are like me, playing concerts for your wife and 2 year old at home, I would highly recommend this amp. Well he went to Australia and mailed me that a good practise amp is Fender Frontman 25 R.

All user reviews for the Fender FM 25R

rrontman Haven’t tried using it in a band setting but I doubt it would be powerful enough. Also, those amps have a variety of effects, like delays, chorus, flange, phase, and tremolo – all with the ability 25rr save sound setups in each channel. Had just bought a Strat to play at home and wanted a brand name amp at an affordable price that could deliver enough punch to practice at home without having to be extremely loud or frontmaan enough punch to blow out the windows which I didn’t need.

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Fronttman to main content. This Fender, by contrast, has reverb, and two channels. Not a huge deal though.

It’s light, compact and has enough Fender style reverb to satisy most guitarists and play some decent blues and jazz stuff. It’s a small solid-state practice amp, so it sounds like a small solid-state practice amp. Given the nature of so many players fronntman days to bring small, under-powered amps to gigs, only to mic them thru a larger sound system, you won’t find this amp as a stand-alone in anyone’s concert backline. For just under Pretty heavy duty and beautiful classic look.

If you need a cheap amp for silent playing and want a Fender tone then this is the way to go. For the dirty channel any less than a humbucker style guitar will just sound like trash. The only sound issue I found is that when played at higher volumes the front grill seems to rattle a bit but so does everything else in the house.

Baffle and 10″ – 8 Ohm speaker out of a new fender frontman 25 red amplifier who’s cabinet was cracked beyond repair. Shop the large inventory of guitars and Fender 255r amplifiers!

With the built in reverb function, I don’t see the need to invest in any effects in the near future. The thing has two frontmzn and in my opinion it should have some amp modeling or something else to go along with this thing. They are designed to be practice units and silent players. The Quality is as good or exceeding the price range, as far as sound goes, and it boasts a five year warranty according to the tag that came on it.


If I switch to the drive channel and turn the gain down the problem is not there. For fronman combo amp, this little guy deserves a big credit. Nothing negative to proclaim about this amp.

It was a few years ago i found a schematic. Nothing would make this amp sound like a raging Marshall stack. Well its just what learners needed, Fender has smaller versions but 25 R is the greatest among those.

You just get a nice red tolex job rather frontma the standard black tolex covering. This amp by no means is meant for going outside of the house. It’s great and loud, and it’s portable.

No more modelling amps for me. The main feature is the true Fender reverb and the push button distortion. The highly sensitive controlls with a Heavy Distortion and double channel playing which allows us play clean or with distortion. If you are a professional this would make a great practice amp.

It has a black body which makes it look good which helps its user to get satisfied. Our members also liked: I have been playing the frontmab Fender custom P-Bass with a Jazz neck for about ftontman years and decided to make the jump to electric guitar.

This amp is great for my purposes learning the 6 string electric If you’re looking for something to make your neighbors ears bleed, keep looking, but if you’re looking for something to jam around the house or mic through a PA at a gig and dont havve hundreds of dollars to spend this frontmwn be the amp for you. Bought this unit brand new at Steve’s Music in Montreal.

It is even an acceptable giging amp if your band has a substantial PA to mic through. Its ok for a beginner