Eva Figes was an English author. Figes wrote novels, literary criticism, studies of feminism, and Figes’ novel, Light, is an impressionistic portrait of a single day in the life of Claude Monet from sunrise to sunset. Her best known work is. A day in the life–and the light–of the aging (but still far from aged) Claude Monet. Figes (Waking) builds this impressionistic, rather studied. Complete summary of Eva Figes’ Light. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Light.

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Eva Figes – Wikipedia

Yes, he thought, he had got it about right, the curve of the pond running inward towards the bridge with its reflected arc, two curved spans meeting, the dark mass of bamboo for emphasis, giving it just enough density, pinning it down so that it would not float into the sky along with the fragile column of trees beyond.

And I loved the understated discourse on gender relations. Gazing into the water, seeing at once its surface and its depths, as well as the reflections of willow fronds and sky, the paintings disorient me even as they absorb me.

Everything smelled fresh and damp now, as though the sun, where it came through the trees, was still cool and distant.

Hollie rated it really liked it Mar 17, My friends and I sat entranced for ages, encircled by these massive paintings. Monet is not only the master of painting but master of his house and his decisions are final. He is though hampered by time refusing to stand still for him with the advent of the car and life changing too rapidly and for no good reason. It’s less than pages and anyone who looks at it can tell it’s not a novel. Refresh and try again. Figes is now a resident of north London and the mother of the academic Orlando Figes and writer Kate Figes.


But I reproduce it myself at the head of this review, for although Suzanne never appears, her presence and spirit fills the entire book. I’ve written single-day stories and a hour novel myself, so share with her the difficulties of maintaining a tale in such a compressed time frame.

I kept wanting to be re-reading Woolf, instead of reading Figes. That experience of the flooded trenches where the unburied dead sometimes surfaced in the mud, surely led to his image of the Dead Marshes in the Lord of the Rings, where Frodo gazes into the water and sees the dead looking back at him.

At book’s end, in a moment that presumably foreshadows the late water-lily work, Ligght now realizes that “”nothing is solid,”” that he must look through things “”to show how light and those things it illumines are both transubstantial, both tenuous.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sharon rated it it was amazing Jan 05, In order to submit a comment to this post, please copy this code and paste it along with your comment: It’s quite a large cast of characters for such figss small book. Figes’s fiction has certain similarities with the writings of Virginia Woolf.

She arrived in Britain in with her parents and a younger brother. But Figes gives the painter a different vision, which he expresses in different ways several times in the short book: The children are accorded equal space and value in this account with the adults.


Light, by Eva Figes

It was a struggle to get through the minutiae of the day. Looking at, not through.

As a trained art historian, also, Ljght wanted more than just the general reflection of Monet’s paintings, but was hoping for something that might illuminate his process and offer insight into his thinking.

It’s a quick rea 2. Although Monet would paint many other subjects, his studies of the lily pond he built at Giverny would occupy him for the last quarter-century of his life. This beautiful novella describes one day in the life of Claude Monet, lightt family and his friends.

Fluid, lambent, Eva Figes’ language is much like Monet’s light; it is the medium that dissolves everything into a shimmering stream that runs through the book from beginning to end.

Figes Waking builds this impressionistic, rather studied novella from a series evx merry-go-round vignettes, moving throughout the Monet household at Giverny circa never explicitly identified as lght.

Eva Figes’ novella is a tribute to two people. Dalloway, being “a day in the life of What a gift to be able to write like that!