The Shadow Spectres are members of a recently-rediscovered Eldar Warrior Aspect. This shrine specializes in the deployment of stealthy, highly-mobile heavy. Alaitoc would be -2 to hit, good movement, decent guns. Why not?. So I’ve been tempted by the Shadow Spectres mainly due to the models being cool.

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This was a great advantage for me because my opponent sbadow using Imperial Fist rules that game, so it saved me a lot of aspect warriors from such cost effective shooting.

If I do, I can generally pull off the Exarch leadership rule as well. They’re ok, a bit pricey.

Aspect Warrior – 1d4chan

Ads by Project Wonderful! The Spiders Hard To Hit rule can sometimes but rarely backfire, making it worse than the Spectres equivalent. Still reeling from the near-destruction of the Eldar race during the Fall, Irillyth vowed not to allow any more of his kind to be wiped out, and he set out to find the threatened Craftworld and prepare it for the battles that lay ahead of them.

They strike at the weakest points and leave the enemy easy prey for the close kill, therefore bringing down foes who think themselves above him. Community Forum Discord Server.

Crimson Hunters are trained to become exceptional pilots, endlessly practicing all sorts of maneuvers as well as marksmanship. Shadow Spectres Eldar Aspect Warriors in combat.

Aspect Warrior

I love the two units I have, they’ve done serious work for me but even with the -1 to hit them at T3 they are still very fragile, if they were much more than the 23pts they currently cost they wouldn’t be worth it. Retrieved from ” http: Shadow Spectres- worth it?


The Flamer Mode for Spectres is also highly useful for Overwatch and for weak but numerous enemies. Soon the Shadow Spectre Aspect Shrines sprctres deserted, becoming dark, haunted places in the Craftworlds shunned by most Eldar. Shining Spears can be distinguished from all of the other Eldar Warrior Aspects for they are the only Aspect Warriors to make use of anti-gravity Jetbikes.

This message was edited 2 times. Are Shadow Spectres Any Good? They are garbed to appear as ghosts or wraiths, taking to the battlefield with jetpacks, holo-fieldsand pallid Elda Armour draped in thin, flowing, blue robes. The story goes that Khaine once battled the Nightbringer and wounded him.

Dyslectics in a text based environment? In it he saw the destruction of the Mymearan Craftworld at the hands of an intelligent alien race that was, even then, still in its infancy. After many Terran decades had passed, the Mymearans had to accept that their brethren had undoubtedly been killed and that the Phoenix Lord had fallen.

Aspect Warriors focus themselves to hone their martial abilities psychically, which creates a portion of their consciousness called a War Mask. This has the advantage of essentially protecting them from PTSD and turning them into stone-cold killers even if they were raw recruits who have never fought in battle before. They are good all-round troops. At this rate, it’ll actually be the forty second millennium before GW realizes that a Space Marine’s toughness score is just as much specctres part of their defence as their armour save and that S3 power weapons are exceedingly mediocre at killing Marines without shaow lot of wounds to throw around.

Running squads as common with reapers would cost a ton with shadow spectres. Retrieved from ” https: Updated Vehicle Design Rules. Traditionally, Eldar who lose their lives in service to the Spectre Shrine have their spirit specttes transferred to a wraithbone body; in turn, the Wraithguard have acted as guardians of the Spectre Shrine for many millennia. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Versus Tyranids 2 games total: Shdaow Spears ride Jetbikes into battle and wield laser lances unusual power weaponsand the Exarch can take a Star Lance for a more powerful stat line.


Dire Avengers were the first Aspect Warrior path and the original founder of their temple was Asurmenthe first Phoenix Lord. The Coherent firing mode has Assault Cannon stats plus the ability to keep making rolls to hit of they make a successful hit roll up to specctres hits per prism rifle.

Once he awoke, Irillyth found the shaxow that led to Mymeara and set about training its warriors in his ways of war, namely stealth, swiftness and all-consuming firepower. They specialize in destroying enemy war machines and fixed fortifications, as well as rooting out heavily-armored infantry and elar emplacements. The heavy flamer mode is really what you want them for, but this requires that they get dangerously close to the enemy. You can always spend a CP to fix it though.

Shadow Spectres

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. The Exarchs did get quite a lot specttres, but now, like Genestealers, they have been reduced to glorified sergeant escorts.

Their Phoenix Lord, Fueganis the bestest tank destroyer out there, better even than railguns and Leman Russ Vanquishers.