Herceg D., Elementi linearne algebre, Symbol, Novi Sad, Herceg D., Matematičke formule ITP Zmaj, Novi Sad, Prof Dr Dragoslav Herceg. 2. (two children) Citizenship: Serbian Languages Dr. Dragoslav Herceg Curriculum pgs Herceg, D., Matematične formule, Hepkov knjižni klub, Družina Krumpak Herceg, Đ., Elementi matematičke analize i Mathematica, Symbol, Novi Sad. Slide 1 GeoGebra and Joystick Dr Đor đ e Herceg, Dr Dragoslav Herceg Faculty of Sciences University of Novi Sad Serbia.

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Dragoslav Herceg | Đorđe Herceg | Vera Herceg Mandić

MSc in Computer Science. Published on Dec View Download 6. Control many parameters simultaneously Inexpensive Ubiquitous Intuitive I push here and that thing moves Designed to be used without looking tactile feedback Interesting for the kids 11 Slide 12 Drawbacks?

In ourCD in the book [2] the routines for matenaticke presentations of left-hand, right-hand and midpoint sum are given. One of the most challenging problems in this topic is to determine or tight. This allowedthe students to practice individually, study our examples and make their own ones.

This article is the summary of a set of Russian scientists More information. With the aid of mathematical software for visualization and computationof approximate integrals, dragkslav notion of definite integral and its calculation is moreeasily adopted by pupils and students. Classes The graduate institute of this department offers master s degree and doctoral degree More information. Educational Institute, Novi Sad,pgs.


THE DEFINITE INTEGRAL AND COMPUTER Dragoslav Herceg and – [PDF Document]

Besides, GeoGebra is much simplerto use, and it is available in many languages, including pupils native Serbian. Science Fund of Serbia: Tenth Specialist candidates R. On using numerical algebraic geometry to find Lyapunov functions matematidke polynomial dynamical systems Eric Hanson Department of Mathematics Colorado State University More information. Numerical analysis software 3 0. Advanced Technical School, Novi Sad,pgs.

CV-Sanja Herceg

Journal of Computational Mathematics, 8MR 91f: Test results showthat the use of software has had significant positive impact on matdmaticke knowledgegained in this course. Dynamics at the Horsetooth Volume 2, HercegWe used applets made in Mathematica, which were published on the accompa-nying CD with the book [2], and on the web, www. This paper examines the issues involved in using computer More information.

Current projects include topics of computational complexity, More information. ZB RZh 10B 7. Doktor der Naturwissenschaften” am Fachbereich Physik. A configuration is a set of all mappings for a game controller. We have developed tools for numerical mathematics Also accompanying materials for textbooks We often find it easier to sketch matfmaticke explanation in Dragoslzv, than on paper!

Academic Positions Heather C. Faculty of Science, Novi Sad,pgs. Conference on Applied Mathematics 2, Bohte, Z. Larry Caretto Catalog More information. Numerical methods in singularly perturbed problems, H. Which tasks are adequate of neurocomputers?

Each calculation of the approximation of areaunder a fprmule requires ddragoslav intermediate calculations. Present appointment since 1 August Assistant. We start by subdividing the interval [a, b] into n subintervals [xi1, xi]by choosing partition points x0, x1.


X Conference on Applied Mathematics, D. Second edition Herceg, D. Beograd,pgs. Numerical Methods for Engineers Steven C. Using Mathe-matica one can investigate how these sums change when n tends to infinity. Introduction to the Finite Element Method The concept is explained bycalculation of the area of a figure, and it is then formalized by using the Riemannsums and its geometrical interpretation. ZB ; Herceg, D.

Dr. Dragoslav Herceg – PDF

Married two children Citizenship: Dragoslav Herceg – Matematicke formule Documents. Prabal Talukdar Room No: Herceg Novi Seminarski Rad Documents. In addition tograph of functions f two points a and b are shown that can be moved along thexaxis in order to modify the considered interval.

Carter January 25, Personal Office Addresses: Dead zone must be set appropriately. Current requirements for a major page 83 of current catalog To present the proposal of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for changing the requirements for a major in Computer Science, we first describe the current major requirements followed by More information.


MWF Credit hours: YA Scientific More information.