DOT-SP Special Permit Packages are designed, tested, and certified for shipping Packing Group I, II, and III Hazardous Materials. The Special Permit. Berlin Packaging DOT SP PACKAGING SHIP BOX DFS Item. Manufacturer: Berlin Packaging HMS DG HMS ZERO 32OZ W/ABSORB(PP POUCH). Utilize our Special Permit, DOT-SP , to ship approved hazardous materials without labeling, placarding, or segregation domestically, or meet the 4GV.

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A lithium cell or battery, including a lithium polymer cell or battery and a lithium-ion cell or battery, must conform to all of the following requirements: Not more than 24 bottles, securely separated from electric storage batteries and kits, may be offered for transportation or transported in each package. Absorbent and cushioning material must not react dangerously with the contents of inner packagings.

Cushioning material must not be capable of reacting dangerously with the contents of the inner packagings or having its protective properties significantly weakened in the event of leakage. Lighter refill means a pressurized container that does not contain an ignition device but does contain a release device and is intended for use as a replacement cartridge in a lighter or to refill a lighter with a Division 2.

Safety relief devices not required. Marking means a descriptive name, identification number, instructions, cautions, weight, specification, or UN marks, or combinations thereof, required by this subchapter on outer packagings of hazardous materials. Captain of the Port COTP means the officer of the Coast Guard, under the command of a District Commander, so designated by the Commandant for the purpose of giving immediate direction to Coast Guard law enforcement activities within an assigned area.

Department of Transportation Hazmat Special Permit Packaging from Labelmaster

The proper shipping name of the material, Cartridges, small arms or Cartridges, power devices, as appropriate, must be marked above or before the ORM-D or Limited Quantity designation.

When removed from, or were intended to be used in, a motor vehicle that was manufactured as required for use in the United States and offered for domestic transportation by highway dot–sp Recycling or Waste Disposal facilities, a serviceable safety device classed as Class 9 UN may be offered for transportation and transported in the following additional 91668 The term includes hazardous substances, hazardous wastes, marine pollutants, elevated temperature materials, materials designated as hazardous in the Hazardous Materials Table see 49 CFR Sides and ends of the box must have cushioning between the battery and walls of ddot-sp box; combined thickness of cushioning material and walls of the box must not be less than 1.


Benzaldehyde Chloroprene, stabilized Flammable liquids, toxic, n. This is to allow FedEx Ground the ability to tally the weight of hazardous material on a vehicle. Also, one of the following conditions must be met: Magazine Back Issues 2. Intermodal container means a freight container designed and constructed to permit it to be used interchangeably in two or more modes of transport.

The completed package, assembled as for transportation, must be successfully tested in accordance with part of this subchapter at the Packing Group I level. The capability of vot-sp packaging to withstand an internal pressure without leakage that produces the specified pressure differential should be determined doh-sp successfully testing design samples or prototypes.

Undeclared hazardous material means a hazardous material that is: DOD or DOE must file a copy of each approval, accompanied dotsp supporting laboratory data, with the Associate Administrator and receive acknowledgement in writing before offering the new explosive for transportation, unless the new explosive is: The width of the border forming the square-on-point must be at least 2 mm and the minimum dimension of each side must be mm unless the packaging size requires a reduced size marking that must be no less than 50 mm on each side.

Additional training requirements for the individual modes of transportation are prescribed in parts, 9186, and of this subchapter.

Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP-9168, 1 Liter Bottle

A hazardous material which meets the definition of a Division 5. Antimony lactate Antimony potassium tartrate Dlt-sp acid, liquid Arsenic acid, solid Arsenic bromide Arsenic compounds, liquid, n. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter.


Domestic transportation means transportation between places within the United States other than through a foreign country. Mercury switches and relays are excepted from these packaging requirements, if they are totally enclosed, leakproof and in sealed metal or plastic units. For a bulk packaging, loading incidental to movement means filling the packaging with a hazardous material for the purpose of transporting it.

The bottom of the battery must be protected by a minimum of dor-sp excelsior pad or by a double-wall corrugated fiberboard pad.

Rot-sp must conform to the general packaging requirements of subpart B of this part but need not conform to the requirements of part of this subchapter. Oxygen generator chemical means a device containing chemicals that upon activation release oxygen as a product of chemical reaction. If the net weight has increased, the test facility must run the required test using six empty lighters in parallel with the six filled lighters.

Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP, 8 oz. Bottle | Labelmaster

Bromoacetic acid solution Phosphorus oxybromide Thioglycolic acid Dibromodifluoromethane Ammonium nitrate Matches, safety Matches, wax, Vesta Aerosols Aerosols, flammable, n. Examples of acceptable generic chemical odt-sp are organic phosphate compounds, petroleum aliphatic hydrocarbons and tertiary amines. No more than one battery may be placed in one box.

Dkt-sp training must include company security objectives, specific security procedures, employee responsibilities, actions to take in the event of a security breach, and the organizational security structure. All Class 2 except Lighters-UN materials must be properly overpacked.

A record of current training, inclusive of dof-sp preceding three years, in accordance with this section shall be created and retained by each hazmat employer for as long as that employee is employed by that employer as a hazmat employee and for 90 days thereafter. Lead, beryllium, graphite, and hydrogenous material enriched in deuterium dot-wp be present in the package but must not be included in determining the required mass for solid nonfissile material.