Sri Vedanta Desikan (–) was a Sri Vaishnava guru/philosopher and one of the most Hayagriva Stotram: a hymn on Lord Hayagriva, the Lord of Learning, who bestows real knowledge to the reciter, banishing the darkness of. Desika Stotram: listen and download Malola Kannan, Ranganathan — Kamasikasthakam, Malola Kannan, Ranganathan — Sri Gopala Vimsathi, Malola . Aditya Hrudya Stotram. Sri Narasimha Suprbatham. Nithyanausanthanam. Vishu Sashasranamam. Indrakshi Shiva Kavacham.

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Even though Desika was multi-faceted and famous, he lived a humble and simple life with the support of his wife, Thirumangai. Swami Desikan came back to Sri Rangam, and established the rituals and ceremonies for worship in the temple, which are still in vogue today. Part of a series on. As soon deika Ammal saw the divine radiance of the child, he stopped his discourse, and hugged Venkatanatha affectionately.

Hindu God, Christian God: Vedanta Desika was known as Sarva-tantra-svatantra or a master of science, philosophy, arts and crafts. The divine forces aspire to attain salvation whereas the demoniac pull him into the unending cycle of birth and death.

Desika was challenged by another scholar to compose verses in a night, and he completed this work in three hours. Since Desika himself lived a life of voluntary poverty, he took him to the temple of the Goddess and stohram Sri Stuti.

Retrieved February 18, Swamy Sri Vedanta Desikan as in Kanchipuram with lions on two sides. Poets are expected to conform to these norms in their compositions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The work is divided into 10 decads, each portraying different qualities of the personified mother, Dayadevi. Retrieved from ” https: The Salutary Verses are sung in the Temples to ensure that these temples and the practices as established by the Aacharyas and Sri Ramanuja would be followed for ever.

Supreme deity Vishnu Krishna Rama. Vazhi Thirunamam is a desikx of salutary verses chanted in temples to mark the closure of the day’s Divya Prabandha chanting. By the age of 20, Desika became famous for his mastery dwsika poetry, logic, linguistics, science, Vedanta, debate, and allied arts. When Desika came out of his house the next day, the shoes hit his head.


Vedanta Desika wrote an allegorical drama called Sankalpa Surodayam which beautifully portrays the different aspects of human xesika and their interplay which can lead a man deslka a higher goal – Salvation mokshaor to a lower goal — the infinite loop of birth deaika death. But, who would have imagined that this was not just solved by Vedanta Desika, but was woven with intricate poetry and philosophy back in 13th century.

The following are some of the compositions of Vedanta Desika that provide a glimpse of his mastery over poetry, logic, grammar and philosophy:. In particular, he established the chanting of the Tamil compositions called the divya-prabandhams, and installed Deities of the twelve Alwar saints for worship in the temple. It commences with the short anushtab metre.

Each successive decad employs a more complex metre, till it culminates in decorative poetry that is a sheer delight to hear. May Your grace live long; for you have proved your incarnation of being the Divine bell of the Lord of Seven Hills. He was a poetdevoteephilosopher and master-teacher desikan.

This culminated in a shower of gold coins, solving the financial stotfam of the young bachelor. Vazhi Thirunamam is a set of “Salutary Verses” that will be chanted in the Temples at the end, marking the closure of the day’s Divya Prabandha Desila.

The sattva food promotes serene mind and long life whereas the rajasa and tamasa foods promote anxiety and laziness respectively. He undertook a vow called uchhavritti, whereby he depended wholly on the Supreme Lord for his household needs by accepting grains and vegetables donated by disciples voluntarily, without actively seeking it. He was the disciple of Kidambi Appullar, also known as Aathreya Ramanujachariar, who himself was of a master-disciple lineage that began with Ramanuja.

Desika not only sculpted an immaculate image but also pointed out the defects in the base structure provided by the professional sculptor. Sri Vaishnava cyber desi,a. In the 30th chapter of his composition, the Paduka Sahasram, Vedanta Desika had used several types of poetic imagery. Vedanta Desika belongs to Vishwamitra gotra.

Each metre is governed by the number of syllables specific to it. Desika composed his poems in various poetic metres. The watching scholars felt that Desika would become angry at being insulted. Twelve years later, General Gopanna of the Vijaya Nagara empire, defeated the invaders and restored the city of Sri Rangam to its previous glory. It translates as “I salute the great Venkata Natha also called Vedanta Acharya and Lion among poets and logicians and who was well adorned by both Knowledge and discretion and who well deserved the grace of Athreya Ramanujar who also had the same name.


They strung a storram shoes just outside his door. In Sri Vaishnavism, a Thanian is a laudatory dedication in verse composed about an acharya by another acharya who is the subject’s pupil and someone whom the subject greatly admired. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Hayagriva appeared before Desika, and blessed him with the nectar flowing from his mouth.

Venkatesa and Vedanta Desika Dayasatakam: Srimathe Nigamantha Maha Desikaya Namah: Desika showed his knowledge of the arts and sciences through stotrm works Silpartha-sarama guide on sculpting, and Bhugola-nirnayam — a research text on the formation of the earth.

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Once a sculptor asked Desika to make an image out of panchaloha a mixture of five metals – copper, tin, lead, silver and zinc on a condition that the image had to exactly fit on the base provided by him. His knowledge in these fields were frequently put to test by those who could not comprehend how a single mind could be so competent in so many diverse fields of knowledge. The Vazhi thirunamam with the English Transliteration is as following:. A few envious scholars wanted to insult Desika.

Swami Desikan has employed 22 metres in the verses he composed on presiding deities of various temples in India.

Vedanta Desika

The Shilpa Sastra, an ancient treatise on arts and crafts from India says that bricks which are uniform in size, have square corners, have a specific size, and are ztotram in colour are the best for construction.

This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat He also travelled widely all over India on foot.

This was done because the Lord was immensely pleased when Desika debated with differing scholars, and established the supremacy of the path of loving surrender or prapatti-marga.