Tieck’s “Der blonde Eckbert”: A Psychological Reading consciousness split into two personalities” (p. ) and their story as a more or less involuntary. Volume XXXIV MARCH, Number 2. “DER BLONDE ECKBERT” AS A POETIC CONFESSION1. RAYMOND IMMERWAHR. The reduction of Tieck’s status in. Blond Eckbert is an opera by Scottish composer Judith Weir. The composer wrote the English-language libretto herself, basing it on the cryptic supernatural short story Der blonde Eckbert by the German Romantic writer Ludwig Tieck.

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For a great while after this occurrence, Eckbert lived in the deepest solitude: His horror was indescribable; in a state of utter distraction, he lunged out of the hall, fled the town while it was still dark, and stumbled along a succession of tortuous side-roads back to his fortress.

During the woman’s frequent absences, Bertha learned to take care of the dog ser the magic jewel-laying bird. One day, however, at the age of fourteen, Bertha decided to abandon the hut in search of human company and adventure. Der Blonde Eckbert by Ludwig Tieck. Walther likewise went to sleep; Eckbert alone still walked in a restless humour up and down the room. Bertha’s sickness wore an aspect more and more serious; the Doctor grew alarmed; the red had vanished from his patient’s cheeks, and her eyes were becoming more and more inflamed.

Bertha was unwell next day, and could not come to breakfast; Walther did not seem to trouble himself much about her illness, but left her husband also rather coolly. This uses chamber forces rather than the full orchestra of the two act version and omits the chorus.

So too is Eckbert’s punishment rather inexplicable: The night now came on, and I sought out a mossy nook to lie down in. Further performances of the pocket version by various German and Austrian groups have taken place inand I did not watch long, for I was half stupefied; but in the night I now and then awoke, and heard the old woman coughing, and between whiles talking with her dog and her bird, which last seemed dreaming, and replied with only one or two words of its rhyme.


I had read somewhat of love, too; and often, in fancy, I would sport strange stories with myself.

Eckbert the Blond

Tommasini recognises Weir’s musical voice as individual but he considers her to be more interested in consolidating the musical past than innovation or contemporary schools of music. In the end I grew blinde like her heartily; as our mind, especially in childhood, will become accustomed and attached to anything. The bird describes how Eckbert peacefully lives alone with his wife.

Now a stooped, crookbacked old woman with a walking stick came stalking up the hill. Walther often travels through the forest and has been out collecting natural history specimens. Not that I ever failed to be struck dsr by its beauty, for its feathers shone with eckberf conceivable color; its throat and torso alternated between the loveliest sky blue and the most incandescent red, and whenever it sang, it would proudly puff itself up to a prodigious size that accentuated the splendor of its plumage.

Eckbert the Blond – Wikisource, the free online library

There were many hours in which he felt so much impressed with his entire worthlessness, that he believed no mortal not a stranger to his history, could entertain regard for him. The old woman had been gone some days, when I rose one morning in the firm mind to leave the cottage, and set out with the bird to see this world they talked so much of. I felt pressed and hampered in my heart; I wished to stay where I was, and yet the thought of that afflicted me; there was a strange contention in my soul, as if between two discordant spirits.


Only do not take my narrative for a fable, however cer it may sound. One misty early autumn evening, Eckbert was sitting with his friend and his wife Bertha before a roaring hearth-fire. Max Van tongeren rated it liked it Sep 11, Mpf rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Anthony Tomassini, another critic at the same paper, describes the opera as “balancing between whimsy and terror”.

Sometimes I try to force myself to believe that I am only imagining the whole bizarre thing, but it is certain, all too certain: I asked where Martin the shepherd was, and I was told that he and his wife had both been dead for three years. In the evening hours she taught me to read; I picked up this skill very readily, eckbeert it subsequently became an endless source of enjoyment for me in my solitude, for the old woman owned several books written a long, long time ago—books full of marvelous stories.

If Bertha has failed her Probezeit in xer forest, so too blodne the old woman failed: But do not take my story for a fairy tale, however strange it may sound to you. The more I looked at him, the more he pained and frightened me; at last I opened the cage, put in my hand, and grasped his neck; I squeezed my ringers hard together, he looked at me, I slackened them; but he was dead.

Wright sees a deliberate strategy in the understatement of much of the music: On these occasions Eckbert was always cheerful and lively; but when he was alone, you might observe in him a certain mild reserve, a still, retiring melancholy.

He sees another man who reminds him of Walther.