Weight. kg (= oz / pounds) (= 0 oz / 0 pounds). Price The Dell Latitude D is a small and compact notebook. Dell Latitude D specifications: Laptop, Intel Core Duo U, 1 GB, 12 inch, x, 60 GB. Dell’s smallest business notebook, the Latitude D manages to combine decent specifications with a convenient form factor, even if it’s not all.

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The whole width of the notebook is used and therefore most of the keys are full-sized. The display is really crisp and this makes up to some extent for f420 loss of impact that you get with a smaller screen. Daily demands like Internet or Mail and light office applications should yet hardly cause any problems for the D The keyboard of this mite surprises by its spaciousness.

Design and form factor.

Nor is it as fast processor wise as the Core Duo processor in the ultraportable ThinkPad X60 series laptop that uses a 1. The s420 noises of the Dell Latitude D are pleasingly within reasonable ranges. Your workday, however, ho The touch pad is relatively smalland somewhat intractable in use.

Dell Latitude D Review | ZDNet

What makes this solution so interesting is that it can be used even when the notebook is powered off, making searching for networks that much easier when roaming about. While some may still prefer a standard-aspect display, widescreen offers better multimedia uses as well as reduced physical dimensions. External, multiple options in D-Bay external add-on Connectivity: Build, internet connectivity options, reliability, security all combine to trump performance.


Dell unveils Latitude series Ultrabooks with Haswell inside. Expansion Slot, Battery hard drive accessible underneathMemory Upgrade Slot under panel view large image Personally I found the location of most every port on the back of the D slightly annoying. At higher demands the D noise emissions of 40 dB are possible and clearly recognizable. Furthermore, for general business and home applications, the D has more than enough power and even some left to spare.

Dell homepage Dell notebook section. In order to be able to use this notebook also for DVD playback, Dell offers a variety of solutions: An integrated Intel GMA video chip is responsible for graphics.

Dell Latitude D review – Engadget

The mouse buttons themselves offer firm feedback and emit very little noise with no signs of clickiness. At the same time, you want a notebook that maintains a high standard of business performance.

Screen The D comes standard with a While the v420 of this feature is up for debate, it is certainly a welcome addition. Right side view of ports on the D While some may find this maximum capacity restrictive, I have found the 1. I found the D to run hotter than I would like. My ordering experience was good up until the delivery point. The keyboard uses the available space of the notebook to full capacity.

The particular panel used in this D was manufactured by AU Optronics, although Samsung and possibly other manufacturers are also known to provide screens. Fitting the laptop in laptop cases and shoulder bags is really easy. Moreover, while the D offered standard Intel Pentium M processors operating at up to 2.

The ports of the D are typical Dell In hotter environments, I f420 noticed that the fan come on more frequently, although the noise is still only moderate even when the fan ramps up to higher speeds. Powered USB separates the energy supply from the data transfer.


Dell Latitude D420 Released (pics, specs)

The charcoal-and-silver case is appropriately conservative-looking; measuring 30cm wide, 22cm deep For the touch pad, there are two sets of right and left mouse buttons, above and below the touch pad.

Even then, the noise generated is generally drowned out by ambient sounds.

Dell Latitude D view large image In practice, the D has far more in common with the X1 than its direct predecessor, the D A 80GB version of the 1. The display’s resolution of x provides overview, Despite initial reports of the D being fanless like the Latitude X1, the D does actually have a fan-based cooling solution. Furthermore, the reviewed notebook was equipped with MB main memory.

Similar to the D and D, the D employs a dark-charcoal grey color scheme with silver accents and lid. In practice, the D has far more in common with the X1 than its direct predecessor, the D The Dell D is one of the smallest and most mobile notebooks of the current Dell product lines.

Nevertheless, Dell eventually took care of all of the issues that cropped with my order, although the experience varied greatly depending on which service representative handled the case.