Overview. Fire Dragons are the dedicated tank-and-monster hunters of the Craftworlds armies; armed with some of the most devastating. Buy Warhammer 40k Codex: Craftworlds: Mini Table Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This is why I’m not % convinced that Alaitoc is objectively better than the other Craftworlds. Alaitoc lists that typically spam Rangers.

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At first when the codex came out i thought biel tan coodex the weakest but i’m having both fun and winning. Spirit Shield 2 CP: Too hard to understand. The Avatar Resurgent 3 CP: The range of the power is doubled. The Invaders were almost annihilated when they destroyed Idhare in the 5e codex, now even Ulthwe could fall to a similar assault?

Craftworlds Codex Lore Disappointing : 40kLore

This is huge in a game where most of the missions are about capturing objectives. Lastly, the Avatar of Khaine is a serious consideration for larger point lists; Biel-Tan’s exclusive Court cdaftworld the Young King stratagem is improved considerably by using it on the Avatar, and is truly a force to be feared in short range and melee combat. Keep in mind the order in which you cast spells for two reasons, 1 your opponent could try and stop your first power, possibly leaving them vulnerable to the next.

Indirectly, Horrify combined with its Mindshock Droppods make for one of the most potent leadership bombs possible with the added bonus of being strictly from one source.


The problem for me is the lack of time taken to show anything but one facet. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

As a biker unit, a Warlock Skyrunner can also putter along and cast Conceal for a relatively reliable -2 modifier as well. It wil provide counter-punch when your opponents are inevitably forced to come deal with your firebase somehow.

General Movement Psychic 7th Fortifications. Good Assault deterrent and can still pack a punch against a variety of targets.


The Aeldari codsx, otherwise known as the Eldarare all about elegance, efficiency, finesse, style, and precision, and are basically alone in this aesthetic among the races of Warhammer 40, Wraithblades can be healed with a Bonesinger and can take Forceshields for added protection. For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment.

On the flipside, Dark Reapers are also a perfect counter to other armies abusing to hit modifiers themselves. Sadly, Phoenix Lords can’t take a Warlord Trait.

Don’t take Eldar Titans, they are overpriced, inflexible, not cost effective, and are still much squishier than their Imperial counterparts. However, as they need to constantly advance to get up to that point, abusing to hit modifiers on them limits their weapon loadout strictly to Shuriken Cannons and as such, may not necessarily be desirable candidates for this slot. Warlocks as secondary HQs are a must, as stacking the Conceal power with other to hit modifiers is what makes Alaitoc units so incredibly hard to kill.


Because apparently the Wave Serpent really needed the extra boost. These are very specific traits which can be taken by applicable Warlords within their Specialist Detachments. Having Fire Prisms shooting S12 AP-5 lances twice each irrespective of line of sight or range re-rolling hits and wounds can absolutely devastate any vehicle from Rhinos to Imperial Knights.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The LoW units have been hit the hardest, and now there’s just not much that they bring to the table for how much they cost both point wise and financially!

No, no, no Mr. While these are allowed, you must fraftworld provide a summary of the work, a specific reason you are posting, and credit to the original creator. If you’re extra concerned about ranged enemy reprisal, a Conceal Warlock can go camp with them to give anyone trying to bip your Reapers a -2 to-hit carftworld. Regardless, Corsairs offer a much more flexible way to play your eldar factions, and practically encourage you to go wild with conversions to really make your dudes That requires good positioning tactically as well, especially if you’re doing the latter.

In every Serpent there will be enough room for one crafteorld two psykers to support the unit, you just have to decide which power to take!