About Claus Nordbruch: German-Austrian historian currently living in South- Africa. Nordbruch is considered to be in the far right spectrum. For giving. Claus Nordbruch (Q). German opinion journalist Germany. 0 references. given name · Claus. 0 references. date of birth. 29 August 1 reference. Claus Nordbruch Biography – – Claus Nordbruch Biography and List of Works – Claus Claus Nordbruch Is the author of books such as Die Weltrepublik.

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Although the basic law Grundgesetz guarantees intellectual freedom, in practice it is not granted.

Schaltet Political Correctness das einstige Volk der Denker gleich? Finally, what is the effect of the conference’s cancellation, beside the tremendous financial loss for guests and speakers, sponsors and organizers?

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He does not belong to any political party nor is he tied to any religious confession. In this way those who were once referred to as alien workers [Fremdarbeiter] became guest workers [Gastarbeiter], and then as foreign employees and foreign fellow citizens, and are now regarded as immigrants.

According to the press release, the reason for this abrupt decision was that the organizers had hidden their “genuine identity. Today it is especially important to fight against restrictions of free thought in scholarship, research and education. We will never give up fighting for intellectual liberty.

Among them were Dr. The critical re-examination of previous research is essential to all scholarship. Almost daily new insights are gained, not only in the political and social sciences, but even more in the physical sciences and in technical fields. Regarding the latter, Dr Nordbruch is of the opinion that mainly Marxist historians of the former German Democratic Republic had created this accusation of genocide, which is regularly propagated by conformist historiography and opportunist journalism.

Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Nordbruch has specialized in the Anglo-Boer War devastating South Africa in as well as in the revolt of the Herero people in German South West Africa today Namibia inwhich allegedly ended in the intentional extermination of this proud African tribe.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. It can not serve to protect intellectual liberty either. The blacklisting and defaming of individuals is the most common form used by the establishment media to silence unwanted opinions, thereby creating public opinion.

Aside from some well-known historians, all of whom were representatives of historical revisionism, some notable figures from politics, law, journalism, and economics were announced. This is especially worth mentioning because Chamish represents a viewpoint “which totally undermines the beliefs of the deniers,” as he claims. In fact at the moment some Learn more at Author Central. In doing so, they were, however, so conscientious in updating their webpage and releasing newsletters they even announced some internal information not really meant for the eyes of the general public.

In my opinion it is, instead, politically motivated. We should look good in: Today has been a very good day for the Jewish Community of Sacramento who will not be forced to live with your insults during Yom Ha Shoah, and for the Jewish Defense League who can add another battle star to our banner. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

This circumstance very nicely demonstrates that both the organizers and this orator evinced the courage of their convictions in the true meaning of Zivilcourage. This document is part of a periodical The Revisionist.

| Pyrrhic Victory over Revisionism

Toben was persecuted by the Federal German authorities a couple of years ago. Whenever, by means of this deadly method of argument, someone is successfully labeled a racist, fascist or sexist, he is degraded to the status of a leper, with no further opportunity to present his view. Once again, good has triumphed over evil. His father came from Thuringia and his mother from Vienna.

Get to Know Us. The organizers then had the sad obligation of informing as quickly as possible the invited speakers and guests, many of them already on their way to Sacramento, that the lessor of the book conference site unconditionally gave in to the demands of Jewish agitators. The life clasu ideals of a German Boer in the nordbuch for freedom and justice in South Africa. To my knowledge the Pope did not excommunicate the scientists — revisionists!


Nordbruch, Claus: Bleeding Germany Dry

Calls for intellectual-political discussions are very common in the FRG. We will resist anyone who attempts to stifle our thinking processes. Hence any incitement to violence can never be considered to be an expression of opinion. It is these concerns that he addresses in his books. He wrote nkrdbruch thesis on the concept of duty, focussing in particular on Siegfried Lenz who is considered to be the leading proponent in post war Germany of the essential claua complicated question on the possible combination of Humanity and Duty.

Use this menu to find more documents that are part of this periodical. Frederick Toben, considered Chamish’s findings challenging and invited norrdbruch Israeli to speak at the conference in Sacramento.

‘Political Correctness’ in Germany

After years of research he offers proof that this genocidial accusation is based on uncritical German colonial publications of the German Imperial era as well as on the British war propaganda during World War I.

This is the one and only tool of serious scholarship. By far, most of the reviews on Dr. Usually these individuals are legally prosecuted and then given large fines or sent to prison.

The authorites use various methods to restrict and suppress unwanted opinions. She no longer cleans, but rather devotes herself to the care of inner architectural beauty. In fact, to achieve the elementary aim of truth and knowledge, the only viable approach is to follow the scholastic axiom of audiatur et altera pars.

As nordbfuch writer Reiner Kunze has put it, political correctness is nourished by the merciless ideological refashioning of intellectual life in Germany.