It is understandable, at any rate, that Leopold was delighted with his new Kapellmeister Cimarosa’s Matrimonio segreto (his fifty-third stage work), for. One of the most successful comic operas of the late eighteenth century, Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto is about following your heart and makes for a perfect. Premiered in (just months after the death of Mozart), Il Matrimonio Segreto won over Vienna from the start, and Domenico Cimarosa’s.

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After a brilliant and farcical finale Paolino and Carolina finally confess they have been married for two months; Geronimo and Fidalma are furious, but the Count and Elisetta advise them to forgive the newlyweds, adding that they themselves will marry after all. Talented youngsters A special competition was held to find young talented designers for the sets and costumes of Il matrimonio segreto The secret marriage.

Berrak Dyer Musical Director, Pianist. Tue 25 Jun The Corn Barn – Cullompton, Devon. This Harold en Italieop. Forgiveness is granted by all for the preceding hysterics and bad behavior, which comes in a joyful finale. Rachel Hunter Captions Operator. Filled with comic intrigues and confusions, the libretto by Giovanni Bertati is maatrimonio following your heart. We are in the household of Geronimo, a matrijonio citizen of Bologna; he has two daughters, Elisetta and Carolina, and a sister Fidalma, who runs the household.

Aunt Fidalma complicates matters even further, as she has set her sights on marrying Paolino.

Il Matrimonio Segreto | Opéra Royal de Wallonie

Ionian Academy – Corfu. The Count tells Elisetta all his bad habits and physical defects, hoping she’ll reject him, but she stands firm – and he finally confesses that he cannot abide her. In a Cologne Opera production came to the Schwetzinger Festival, and the performance was broadcast for television.


The Emperor, Leopold II, hardly renowned for his musical tastes, demanded an immediate encore… of the entire opera! matrimlnio

Il matrimonio segreto (Cimarosa, Domenico)

The Rokokotheater looks as if it seats much fewer than 1, people, and the stage is correspondingly tiny. Carolina is broken-hearted and matrimpnio to confess her predicament to the Count, but they are interrupted by her sister, her aunt and her father who are gleeful at having caught them together, and Geronimo sends Paolino off with a letter to the Mother Superior.

Plan your visit Download the teaching guide. The Count graciously recognizes that he cannot destroy the true partnership of the young couple and agrees to marry the older daughter. Moor Farm – Shrewsbury, Shropshire. All the opera performances are preceded by an educational introduction open to all. Harry Percival Captions Writer. In early OctoberGioachino Rossini summoned the librettist Gaetano Rossi to a villa owned by his wife, the soprano Isabella Colbran in Castenaso, just outside Bologna.

Its success was unfailing.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The costumes also tend to off-whites and beiges, creating a wearisome monochrome effect. However, at super-bargain price this is worth putting up with for the sake of the rest. In his wake, he drew on the formidable and multiple skills he acquired in Naples and the major successes garnered in Saint Petersburg.

He tells Paolino that he will be content with a smaller dowry and sends him off to arrange the match. However, the beautiful Carolina has already secretly married the man she loves, namely young clerk Paolino.

The names of Belfast-born soprano Heather Harper and Kansas-born tenor James King may not resonate for younger music lovers, but they sure do for folks my age. The first act, however, feels a little long for its dramatic material, while the second act fairly zips along.


As in the previous production, talented youngsters are taking part this time as well.

Paolino is distraught, and throws himself on Fidalma’s mercy, but is stunned to find that she hopes to marry him; he faints, giving her the idea that she returns his emotion and making Carolina think she has been betrayed, but he promises that they will leave the house at dawn and take refuge in the house of a relative. EuroArts now makes this available as a DVD.

The title of their design is ‘Love hidden in the empty closet’. Thaxted Festival – Thaxted, Essex.

Emily Sills Company Stage Manager. Leeds Castle – Maidstone, Kent.

The Flavel – Dartmouth, Devon. The one real blot on this issue is the dreadfully fussy continuo played on fortepiano in the recitatives, not only irritatingly intrusive but at times actually submerging the words to which it is supposed to offer discreet minimal support.

Perhaps a more colorful production with more entrancing voices will find its way to DVD; but until then, this EuroArts set deserves a look and listen. The adventures of Paolino and Carolina have since been translated into twelve languages and performed throughout the world, as far as India!