See manuals, technical data, specifications and documentation of Caterpillar F in category Backhoe Loaders. Learn more about Caterpillar F. 27 Results one (1) x unit Caterpillar backhoe loader model F year hours GP bucket with teeth front airsuspended driver seat GP bucket with teeth. Basic information. Brand, Caterpillar F. Category, backhoe loader. Serial Number, LBH Unit Number, BC Catalog Number, CU

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Auxiliary lines, for operating hydraulic work tools, have been routed so that they are protected from damage when working in the narrowest of trenches.

The stabilizers and E-Stick all have easily adjustable wear pads that require no disassembly. Heavy Duty Rock Buckets. Select a Cat Backhoe Loader to best meet your needs today.

The loader control now gives you more caterpilar at your fingertips: Backhoe See more Excavator Style Backhoe Whether close-up truck loading or digging over obstacles, the iconic excavator style boom tackles the toughest jobs with ease. The F2 is available with an extendible stick that increases dig depth and reach capability increasing the machines versatility and utilization, reducing the amount of machine repositioning and therefore reducing site damage.

Electronic Torque Limiter on the machine helps to provide perfect synchronization between the engine, transmission and hydraulic system. These low micron filters remove microscopic particles from the oil, keeping the engine, transmission and hydraulic system running smoothly for years. AWD has outer final drives for easy maintenance.

Caterpillar 428F

Loader — Other Available Loader Tools include: Caterpillar has a well proven history in the construction equipment industry and has been producing the highest quality machines for 90 years, making progress possible and driving positive and sustainable change on every continent.


This product may not be available near this location. We have ensured that servicing the Cat Backhoe Loader is as simple as it can be. They can offer a selection of attractive packages tailored to suit your every requirement.

Customer Support See more Customer Support Agreements Your Cat dealer can offer a comprehensive range of CSA’s which can be individually tailored to suit your finances and requirements. Browse our attachment offerings to find the ones that are right for your business. Torque Lock-Up The lock-up torque converter provides a direct ratio between power pack and driveline when in the roading gears.

Closed Center Closed Center. Dealers set actual prices, including invoicing currency.

Caterpillar F – backhoe loader – Construction – CATERPILLAR WORLDWIDE

They can advise you on operating techniques for your machines which will minimize wear and tear, maximize productivity, lower owning and operating costs and help you make the most of the fantastic features offered on the Cat Backhoe Loaders.

The proven design of the F2 loader provides ultimate performance. Minimum Counterweight Recommendations – Standard Stick: Fully enclosed boosted, hydraulic, multiple discs. The exhaust has been angled backwards, parallel to the A-Post, to minimize any impact on visibility.

Caterpillar understands that the easier a task is the more likely it is to be done. All daily check points are grouped together and are easy to access.

Three chamber system provide constant lubrication of the heavy duty running gear and bearings on all gradients. Transmission – Power Shuttle.

  ASTM F1929-98 PDF

Is the machine you have in mind exactly the best for your job, or could there be a more suitable solution? Attachments Find the right attachments to fit this machine. Serviceability See more Daily Service Points Caterpillar understands that the easier a task is the more likely it is to be done. Now the gear box has been tweaked, smoothing gear shifts and extending the top gear providing a more efficient and comfortable driving experience. Load sensing, closed center hydraulic system, actively matches hydraulic power and flow, allowing full hydraulic forces at any engine speed.

Outstanding fuel economy, contributes to low owning and operating costs. Cat Filters All Cat filters are vertically mounted for spill free servicing and reduced oil contamination. Cat Backhoe Loaders have always provided a superior solution and this machine is no different.

Please contact your local dealer for assistance. Providing high durability, low noise levels and superb traction on uneven surfaces. Sealed for life axles and driveshafts remove the need for operators to grease the time consuming and awkward areas below the machine.

New Cat dual lock couplers have a self adjusting wedge design to ensure a tight fit. Training and Support Speak to your dealer about additional support. While superior quality is easy to see, it’s over time czterpillar throughout your equipment ownership experience that the superior value of Caterpillar really becomes clear.