This manual has been issued by Canon Inc. for qualified persons to learn technical theory, Maintenance cartridge relay PCB components. iPF / iPF / iPFS / iPF / iPF / iPFS. and download canon ipf service manual online canon 41 service parts Shop Manual Download, Yamaha Xp Xpa Service Repair. Search: Canon iPF Parts List, Service manual, Error Code in English: maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, error codes, service mode, adjustment, Parts.

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Canon iPF6100 Service Manual: Purge Unit

Provides high color density, optimal color gradation and perfect image sharpness. Chapter 4 b Points to Note on disassembly and Reassembly of Carriage Unit 1 Align the mark on the gear[3] with the mark on the bushing[4].

F b Removing the valve motor unit 1 When removing the valve motor unit, remove the ink tank cover. Page – Location of Connectors and Pin Arrangeme F b Removing the roll feed unit 1 When removing the roll motor, remove the roll feed unit[2] from the main body, and then remove the right cover[3] by removing the two screws[1].

The portion that touches the face plate is made from rubber. In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbolthe arrow indicates the direction of the electric signal.

Page [Advanced Adj. Page Chapter 4 c Note on attaching the flexible cable 1 Insert the flexible cable[2] through the three claws[1] in the flexible cable retainer.


Chapter 5 8 Wipe off dirt inside the top cover with a cloth moistened with water and then wrung tight. After replacement of the main controller PCB, the printer must be started up in the service mode to take over the setting and adjustment values to the new PCB properly the servoce mode will be switched to the PCB replacement mode automatically.


Less than 1W Compliant with Executive Order.

Chapter 3 24 Insert the Ink Tank into the holder facing as shown, with the ink holes down. Page 50 Chapter 1 2. F c Note on installing the cable holder In installing the cable holder, secure ferrite core [1] to the flexible cable on the carriage with the cable holder before hooking the flexible cable from the operation Indicates an item requiring care to avoid electric shocks.

Majual 80 Chapter 1 3. Page Chapter 2 f Ink supply valve The ink supply valve is located between the ink tank and ink tube to prevent ink leakage from occurring when the ink tube on the ink tank side is opened during replacement of the ink tank. Chapter 4 9 Remove the four screws[1] and joint[3], and then remove the two ink tank unit F[2].

Canon iPF6100 Service Manual

If the paper feed surface or moving part of the paper path servide damaged or deformed, replace the paper path. F 3 Remove the pinch roller[1]. There is no utility for the OS Version you selected.

Turn off printer, 2 Because the error indication lasts, turn the printer wait, then Interface Specifications Chapter 1 1. Oth- erwise, the flexible cable can damage, resulting in malfunction. This printer is a desktop large-format printer eight-colors pigment-based colors printer that can be used to print office documents as well as handy POP and posters. Transporting The Printer 3.

Maximum feed amount in reverse feed mode: Chapter 4 t Left back cover Removing the left back cover 1 When removing the left back cover[1], open the top cover, and then remove the roll feed unit, left circle cover, tank cover, left cover, lower rear cover, lower rear left cover, and left rear cover. F 2 Remove the four screws[1], and then remove the left cover[2] and paper canpn.


This paper has a bright white tint, perfect for accurate proofing applications. Generally, it is recommended that the printhead be replaced about 12 months after you have opened the package. Page 67 Chapter 1 5. This printer features a mechanism by which only the correct color ink tank will fit in the given slot. Two left caps are ar- ranged for the printhead six arrays of nozzles installed in the carriage.

This adjustment is not required when you have replaced only the multi sensor. Page 29 Chapter 1 Printable area Roll media Area excluding 3mm from the leading edge, 3 mm from the trailing edge, and 3 mm from the left and right edges.


Below is a listing of our top FAQ’s. To move the carriage with the power off, you need to release the carriage lock pin and cap manually. F 4 Remove the two screws[1], and then remove the roll feed unit PCB[2]. Chapter 4 c Removing the platen duct 1 When removing the platen duct, first open the top cover, and then remove the output guide, maintenance cartridge, waste ink box, left and right circle cover, tank cover, right upper cover, operation panel, mist filter, filter cover, filter, right cover, right front cover, and mist fan.

This page requires Javascript. Page Chapter 4 The flexible cable connectors[2] are provided with a locking mechanism.