Results 1 – 17 of 17 CANNE MOUCHE bamboo Fly rod bambou refendu fishing cane canna . unused bruce walker cane effect hexagraph salmon fly fishing rod. About the object: Fishing: ROD: Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Salmon Deluxe 16’6″ 3 piece fly rod, split cane finish, burgundy close whipped, ferrule stoppers, line. Immaculate Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Walker 15′ Salmon Rod . Canne à mouche saumon LOOP OPTI ZPEY 14′ 9/10 two hands salmon rod.

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To order your own Bruce and Walker fishing rod, please contact your local stockist. I hid the scratched paint with a natty black whipping in 11lb Milward Black Spider. The Hexagraph rods are solid rather than hollow. When the seat is a working fitslide it over and using holt-melt glue, nearly fill in the end nearest the corks. Turn the seat over and bore a 0. A couple of those whippings don’t seem to have quite set; I must have got something in the epoxy mix, so I’ll re-do those.

Cut off the fore-grip corks. The reel seat is a ‘working fit’ and I’ll glue it on. The original rod’s middle section, now the LHSRE’s butt-section had three rings whipped on and while the top one was in an original position, the lower two, including a Hardlon lined butt-ring, were placed where they needed to be.

Hexagraph rods are constructed in a fashion similar to bamboo rods, but, rather than from cane, they are made from a combination of a light-weight, very strong aeronautical construction foam bonded to layers of carbon fiber graphite fabric.


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All said, if you’re thinking about a Hexagraph Avon, I’d suggest considering an unpainted blank, using titanium rings and fitting a winch reel-seat. All parcels are charged by length and by postcode. Cane rods, being hand-crafted, remain in limited use, primarily because of the costs associated with building them, but their advocates speak with great fervor of their “feel” and precision.

It comes into its own when presenting swim feeders, and other baits, used in heavily weeded swims, often encountered during the summer months. The ‘snake’ rings were removed from the top two sections along with all and any other whippings.

Despite my aversions to both cane-coloured paint and intermediate whippings, this rod has both and I’ve grown fond of both. While this was setting I pondered the handle. This latter is far to shiny and it may yet get scrubbed with toothpaste and coloured with an indelible pen, to remove the ‘flash’. In the end, despite my initial enthusiasm, I parted with both of them.

Power, flexibility, good looks. I’ll put the build entries here when I get a round tuit. Then put the hot-melt gun nozzle over the big hole and stick a good measure of glue in the hole.

The new handle of the Hex Avon. Then and this is the sneaky bit drill a 3mm hole in the reel seat in the ‘flat spot’ where the logo usually is. Clonk and then ‘not quite right’. I don’t know if you’ve ever waggled such a thing, despite a slender appearance, it’s got real steel. The Lady of the Stream The painted was quite chipped there and a lot of strain is thrown onto that section.


I mixed two-part epoxy using digital scales to get it exactly right and worked a thin coat into the surface of the rod with a cheap plastic brush. Another happy hour with Ms. These are light, will do the job and look ‘traditional-ish’. One of the hecagraph double legged rings. This only matters if you’re planning on holding it for long periods.

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Buying format see all. Walt was striving to create an attractive and strong casting hesagraph with the traditional actions. Both the ferrules’ reinforcings were whipped over as well. The Hexagraph Carp Rods. If you like it let me know You’ll have to type the email address yourselfif you don’t, I’ll try not to lie awake at night worrying about it.

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Now I have a handle that suits my smaller than average hands. I took it to very nearly a half circle. Single leg lined rings, with single leg lined butt ring.

I rubbed the concave side of said ‘splints’ on fine emery until they was completely flat, pointed the ends and chamfered the top, to assist with whipping over them.