3/2 solenoid valves – Flow control valves – Valve islands -. Accessories · GO AHEAD. Series pipe fittings. Fittings threads: metric. Pneumatic Components for Industrial Automation. Camozzi Catalogue.

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Mounting bracket for DIN rail. Series 63 cylinders – profile, single-acting, front spring. Series 69 rotary cylinders.

Fixing bracket for regulators. Series M pressure microregulator.

Single body for Series K8 solenoid valve. Intermediate module with 2 positions – Mod. Series 97 stainless steel cylinders. Series AP proportional valves – size 16mm. Take off blocks Series MC. Magnetic proximity switches wtih M8 cmozzi connector for H-slot. Monostable pneumatic valve with outlets on sub-base – size Series NPF flexible suction pad mountings.

Series MD take-off blocks.

Catalogo C_Fluid Control

Series T pressure microregulator. Series AP proportional valves – size 16mm, with lower flanges. Cylinders Series 61 with rod lock.


Series QX twin cylinders. Magnetic proximity switches with M8 3-pin connector for V slot. CGLN gripper, bore 16 mm – dimensions. Series K8 directly operated solenoid valves. Series 24 and 25 minicylinders with rod lock Mod. Series 63 cylinders – round camozzo, through rod.

Camozzi Products area – Catalogue

Self aligning rod Mod. Piston rod lock nut Mod. Cylinders Series 60 with centre trunnion Mod. Series 63 cylinders – profile, through rod. Electro-pneumatically actuated valve – size Series PL directly operated solenoid valves. Series PDV directly catalkgo solenoid valves with separating diaphragm.

Opposed cylinder coupler Mod. Unidirectional flow controllers Series MCU.

Cylinders with short carriage Mod. Mechanical and manual valves. Cylinders Series 61 – through-rod. Vertical mounting foot bracket for valves with outlets on the body. Series RL rod lock. Rod Fork End Mod.

Página 1051 – CATALOGO 8.5 ES

Soft start valve Series MC. Pneumatic foot operated pedal Series 3. Series K8P electronic proportional micro regulator – dimensions. Proportional regulator Series ER Series 14 compact mini-cylinders. Intermediate plate for valves to provide separate supply in 3 and 5.


Series VTOF suction pad – male thread.

Series MD lubricators – dimensions. Cylinders with standard carriage Mod. Series MTB motors for electric actuation. Series VTCN bellows suction pads round – 2,5 folds. End block for manifold sub-base VDMA Series 1, 3, 4 and VMS manually operated valves.

Series CSD magnetic proximity switches with 3-wire cable. Manifold for valves size 16 and 19 outlets on the body valve. Series 2 mechanically operated minivalves.