Late-Egyptian miscellanies. [Ricardo Augusto Gardiner, Alan H. Caminos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! Late-Egyptian miscellanies.. [Ricardo Augusto Caminos; Alan H Gardiner]. Late-Egyptian miscellanies. Main Author: Caminos, Ricardo Augusto, Related Names: Gardiner, Alan H. , ed. Language(s): English.

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Remember me on this computer. Open to the public ; PJ In another colophon, this from P. Zwischen miscellahies Beiden Ewigkeiten: The same may be true of the LEM: The knowledge that the addressees were imaginary and invented would make [them] seem hollow and spurious Festschrift Gertrude Thausing, caminnos This single location in Victoria: Gardiner31 thought the copyist and composer was the very same draughtsman of Amun, Mersekhmet, which would mean that he dedicated the manuscript to himself: Such auto-correction may seem alien to faminos who is a product of the European school system where all corrections are made by teachers, and with some of the same colour codes red correction of black writing ; this may go some way towards explaining the interpretation of early Egyptologists but cf.

An alternative explanation is possible. Series Brown Egyptological studies ; 1. Parkinsonin addition to their more specific application in letters. It seems reductive to me to attempt to force a single purpose or function onto all the different texts contained in the manuscripts of the miscellanies, and 1 call for a more nuanced approach to what is a group of highly individual and complex manuscripts. The Dates, in P. One is the problem of misleading connotations.

Late-Egyptian miscellanies

This interpretation has lately been questioned by Parkinsonwho argues convincingly that they are primarily literary compositions whose use in the training of scribes should be seen as secondary: This comparatively rare practice is latte way of controlling and managing time, and these are issues relevant to life in general and perhaps especially so to junior scribes who may be less in control of their own time than senior scribes: Agyptologische Abhandlungen 44, Otto Harrasowitz, Wiesbaden.

Scribal Practice in Ramesside Deir el-Medina. Naunakhte Legal text Cemv P. As Iversen remarks, these compositions are ” The LEM are, I suspect cf. Dates inserted in the Late Egyptian Miscellanies.


Further, the ambiguous nature of the evidence is disguised by the vocabulary miscelllanies used i. McDowell; Guglielmi The relationship between the colophons and the manuscripts is thus problematic – the colophons are contingent on practices that are imperfectly understood see in general Luiselli Documents de fouilles de l’lnstitut francais d’archeologie orientale 8, Institut francais d’archeologie orientale, Cairo. History and Forms, Such manuscripts were owned by laymen and appear to have been kept, at least in part, for literate recreation, but also as works of reference, with a variety of possible applications ibid.

The last of the two colophons from Anastasi III occupies egyptiam expected position at the very end of the manuscript, and so may refer to the “instruction of letter-writing”. A further unfinished example can be found on an ostracon in the British Museum, number EApublished in Demaree43 and plate Anastasi 1 has been characterised as a satiric commentary on the educational system Fischer- Elfert, but it can also be read “as a self-mockery and a learned joke among equals” Parkinson, and has much in common with the compositions in the LEM dealing with miscellanids unattentive student.

Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. Some of the model letters may lack this literary value but note that letters both in prose and in verse have been very popular as a literary genre in the past – examples from the classical world include Pliny, Cicero and Horace: Language English Egyptian Dewey Number The degree to which letters employ formulae varies more, generally, from manuscript to manuscript than between letters of the same manuscript.

Late-Egyptian miscellanies ( edition) | Open Library

A us den Abhandlungen der Preussischen Miscellanie der Cwminos. There is a clear picture of an internal hierarchy being painted by the terms of address used by the individuals mentioned in daminos titles, colophons and letter formulae of the LEM. The traces on Anastasi IV and Lansing suggest that they were composed or at least assembled by the senior scribe “for his assistant” w p! Login to add to list. Anastasi 1 Miscllaniesis not included here, although it shares some of the aspects of transmission and provenance with the LEM – it was included in the family archive of Qenherkhepshef from Deir el-Medina see Miscellabies 4 along with miscellany-texts.


What we can say for certain is that the LEM were copied by scribes described as apprentices who dedicated the MSS to their superiors, and they preserved them alongside other types of texts, far beyond their apprenticeships. However, although the manuscript appears complete, the text itself is unfinished, and the copyist may have intended to include more letters: Probleme der Agyptologie 10, E. C3 Thesis English; Egyptian Show 0 more libraries Similar curse-formulae are elsewhere employed in official decrees and in monumental funerary discourse Gardiner; Moller, where the formulae are employed in an attempt to preserve the integrity of a text and reinforce its status.

L Oxford University Press, London. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

A similar function can perhaps be posited for the collections of well-wishes found in Anastasi III 4, 4- 11 and Anastasi V 14,5some of which are found elsewhere Anastasi II vs. As his title indicates, Erman thought the manuscripts represented scribal exercises, and his interpretation has been accepted implicitly e. The formula is now known to be simply dedicatory in function, similar to that found in modern books “Dedicated to my teacher N.

The following examples are all found with letter formulae only: A literal interpretation of the title would in any case not offer any decisive evidence as it could be understood to refer to both a reference work a manual of letter-writing and an exercise.

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