With this photoshop cs2 tutorial you will master this important program and increase your chances for getting the job position that you have always wanted!. To order the book. Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers is published by Focal Press, an imprint of. Harcourt. Adobe Photoshop adalah sebuah aplikasi yang dapat meng animasikan gambar Adobe Photoshop CS2, versi sepuluh disebut Adobe Photoshop CS3, versi.

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To delete a project Note: Set color management options. Add an image to a picture package by dragging the image from the desktop into a placeholder.


The brightness of the midtone values. Windows Thumbnail To set the History Log preferences By default, history log data about each session is saved as metadata embedded in the image file. For example, ImageReady droplets allow designers to quickly convert a batch of images into a web-ready format. You can then reuse your saved layouts. By default, this point is at the center of the item you are transforming. Creates a thumbnail image of artwork.

Select a brush in the Brush Preset picker or Brushes palette, and choose Rename Brush from the palette menu. Instead, it locates pixels that differ in value from surrounding pixels by the threshold you specify.

You need to convert the background to a regular layer if you want to use transparency in the layer.

You can use these to bring the tutorial photoshop cs2 bahasa indonesia factor to your projects and start building a freelance clientele. Destiani added it Mar 01, This option is available only when Select Stylus Pressure Photoshop you are working with a stylus tablet. The pxnduan includes tutorials that is adjusted for beginner level users which make it easy to learn and actually quite fun and entertaining.

The number on the phoyoshop represents the printing Document Sizes size of the image—approximately the size of the saved, flattened file in Adobe Photoshop format. RSS displays shared web content, such as headlines from different websites and the latest information on products from Adobe. Smart Objects let you edit their source contents. Images brought in from Adobe Illustrator are also properly scaled.


To base the new gradient on an existing gradient, select a gradient in the Presets section of the dialog box. A Smart Object is huku container in which you can embed raster or vector image data, for instance, from another Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator file.

Uses pressure readings from a stylus tablet. Through the Adobe Color Picker, you can set the foreground color, background color, and text color. The Mode list includes a Clear mode that lets you erase to transparency. Koe-yha rated it ppanduan was amazing Jul 27, You can use Version Cue in a single application, such as Photoshop CS2, to track changes to photlshop file as you work on it.

Mac OS X v. DNG files are useful for archiving camera raw images because they contain the raw camera sensor data and data specifying how the image should look.


Changing specific options is recommended only if you are knowledgeable about color management and very confident about the changes you make. Slicing web pages A slice is a rectangular pohtoshop of an image that you can use to create links, rollovers, and animations in the associated web page. Dithering refers to the Dithering Method and Dither method of simulating colors not available in the color display system of photosuop computer.

In ImageReady, preset workspaces are available for certain tasks. Cropping an image removes any annotations in the cropped area; you can recover the annotations by undoing the Crop command. You can even combine these two corrections, minimizing their effect on overall lightness.

Using the Mode options, you can position the backdrop in front of or behind the active layer to keep track of your changes, or to line up a distortion with another distortion made in a different layer. Optional Adjust the image view using controls and options such as zoom, shadows, and highlights. Photshop character sets and alternate glyphs Typefaces include many characters in addition to the ones you see on your keyboard. Choose new Highlight and Fill options and draw again with the Edge Highlighter tool.


Rectangular Marquee Makes a potoshop selection. Drawing About vector graphics About pohtoshop and paths Vector shapes are lines and curves that you draw using the shape or pen tools.

Add a text layer. Select the Pen tool Set the following tool-specific options: In ImageReady, make sure to click the color first to make it the foreground color. Some video-editing landuan can import an individual layer from a multilayer Photoshop PSD file.

The signal strength meter is available only for images containing digital watermarks that you yourself have embedded. The Edit History Log helps you keep a textual history of changes made to an image. Selection Previews only the selection as you build it.

Free tutorials photoshop cs2 – PDF

Like the Trace Find Edges Counter filter, Find Edges outlines the edges of an image with dark lines against a white background and is useful for creating a border around an image. You can designate a new foreground or background color using the Eyedropper tool, the Color palette, the Swatches palette, or the Adobe Color Picker. You use the Paragraph palette to set options that apply to entire paragraphs, such photosho the alignment, indention, and space between lines of type.

Saya hanya sharing pengalaman dan tidak bertanggung-jawab atas resiko yang terjadi akibat penggunaan software ini. If you want to apply the blending through a mask, select Mask. Optimize pop-up menu D.