Course Curriculum of the Department of Electrical and Electronic. Engineering. COURSE OFFERED BY EEE DEPARTMENT. EEE Electrical Circuits I. The department of EEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) is nationally and Part time teachers are mostly the senior teachers of BUET (Bangladesh and integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to. Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]. Please download the syllabus: Undergraduate Program · Postgraduate Program. Copyright © Rajshahi University Of Engineering And.

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Payback of the project will be 2. Instantaneous current, voltage and power, effective current and voltage, average power. Linear dependence and independence of vectors. Tap changing transformer, phase buwt, booster and regulating transformer and shunt capacitor.

Basic elements of DC and AC signal conditioning: Laboratory experiments based on EEE With the needs of engineering and technology education, knowledge on English, Bengali, Social Science, Economics, Management and Accounting and in general science is very important. Besides, shllabus the nation or the administration faces any difficulty to find out solutions to any sensitive or emerging technical issues, the BUET is offered to give the opinion or the solution.

Dielectric constant, polarization- electronic, ionic and orientational; internal field, Clausius-Mosotti equation, spontaneous polarization, frequency dependence of dielectric constant, dielectric loss and piezoelectricity.

Interpolation and decimation, poly-phase representation and multistage implementation. However, today with the needs of engineering and technology education, knowledge on English, Bengali, Social Science, Economics, Management and Accounting is very essential.


Past, present and future Posted on: I would like to suggest each department of BUET to organize seminar for 4th year students by inviting experienced old students from different field to share their knowledge. Propagation characteristics, models for radio propagation, antenna at cell site and mobile antenna. Institutionalization of Ethical conduct.

Introduction to synchronous motors and fractional horse power motors. Principles of construction, operation and applications of DC generator, DC motor, synchronous generator, synchronous motor and xyllabus motor. Electricity, electronics, mineral resources, roads, bridges, culverts, buildings, schools, colleges, offices and other infrastructural developments, everywhere the students of BUET have pivotal roles.

But on the other hand it is a matter of concern, how our motherland will survive without the scholars? Balanced poly phase circuits: It has been possible only due to our engineering skills. Cost concept and classification. Review of 80×86 family of microprocessors. Study of practical problems in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering.

Molecular structures of compounds. Spread spectrum signals and system. Today huge software and materials are available for any purpose.

Plan, elevation and section of multistoried building; building services drawings; detailed drawing syyllabus lattice towers. Classification of output stages, class A, B and AB output stages.

BUET stressed primarily on the theoretical and mathematical part rather than current status of practical demand. But, whatever it was, I gradually became fit to manage all these situations and adjusted with the environment fully.

Impedance in polar and Cartesian forms.

Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]

Degree and order of ordinary differential equations, formation of differential equations. Laws in magnetic circuits: Compensation using pole placement technique.


Solution of general linear equations of second and higher orders with constant coefficients. BUET has vast role and immense contribution in our nation building activities. Properties of dilute solutions. When I went to study at BUET we saw a huge difference of opportunity existed between our senior students and us. Ray syyllabus theory and mode theory.

Determination of Fermi energy and average energy of electrons, classical and quantum mechanical calculation of specific heat. Computer Science syplabus Engineering Department. Modern theory of metals: In our times there were huge recreational arrangements.

Md. Hasibul Alam | Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology –

In this sector, whatever the development we have achieved is the output of BUET engineers. AC quantities and waveforms, phasor algebra, AC circuit analysis, three phase circuits. Tense, article, preposition, subject-verb agreement, clause, conditional and sentence structure. Practicing dialogue; Story telling; Effective oral presentation.

Communication today, business communication, different types of business communication. BUET is now teaching all these subjects. There were cultural weeks, sports and so others. Probability and stochastic processes. Types and characteristics, transmission characteristics, fiber joints and fiber couplers. Drift-diffusion theory, ambipolar transport, hydrodynamic model, Boltzman transport equations, quantum mechanical ubet, simple applications.