Brainwashed has ratings and 70 reviews. Jafar said: A new study suggests feeling powerful dampens a part of the brain that helps us connect with oth. Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience by Sally Satel and Scott Lilienfeld is an important book on an emerging. Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience. Article (PDF Available) in Theology and Science 12(1) · February with.

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Very basic content, not much extra. Yeah, she had some excellent reflections on all of these things. They raise questions about the variety of linkages proposed and urge caution.

And then the book gets even better. The authors would have told a much more interesting story if they would have considered all perspectives instead of just their narrow biases.

Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience

Good content debunking “neurobollocks” but not really enough for a book. Satel and Lilienfeld take on a host of arenas in which unwarranted transgressions threaten to give neuroscience a bad name: And though their delineation of how popular thinkers have misused neuroscience seemed by and large accurate and necessary, I’m still waiting for a book that can put it all into perspective without the libertarian agenda. The extreme version of this suggests there is no free will, that humans are simply “moist robots.

The problem they identify has real consequence. Naturalists hold untenable positions while the faithful cry out for reason. Sally Satel and Scott O.

It ventured too far into speculative philosophy. The nicest thing I can say about this book is the narrator did a fantastic job and she was the only reason I finished listening to the whole book.

Satel offers some great critiques and alternative interpretations of the data.

Review: Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience | HuffPost

Jun 29, John Martindale rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 14, Jane rated it really liked it. Brainwasheed before genetic determinism there was the radical behaviorism of B.

She challenges the new wave of scientist who negate our having the freedom to do otherwise than we do, showing how there is just not enough evidence to be dogmatic determinist. I believe plasticity was mentioned in the first chapter though not really expanded upon and I feel that going into more particular detail about how the mindess can remap processes would have contributed more to the book, particularly in the chapter about addiction.

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Neuroscience is very young, and Wow, this was an excellent read. Slavish reliance on wisps of premature, misreported neuroscience is creating misunderstanding as to how to help the most seriously ill. They could have just quoted George Costanza from Seinfield who said, “It’s not a lie, if you don’t think it’s a lie”, and that would have been sufficient, but they went on as it was a big thing that fMRIs are a lousy lie detector.

Satel counters that these small samples were enveloped in larger demonstrations of free will. It was a refreshing read about how we accept to much of conventional wisdom of neuroscience and how we have been deceived by science.

og A good corrective to the much hyped, and even over hyped, promises made by some for the future found in neuroscience. Apr 30, John rated it really liked it Shelves: Their well-argumented resentment towards determinism and cartesian materialism in neuroscience which I share is also very appealing.

Mar 05, Daria rated it really liked it. Jan 04, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The job of neuroscience is to elucidate the brain mechanisms associated with mental phenomena, and when technical prowess is applied to the questions it can usefully address, the prospects for conceptual breakthroughs and clinical advances are bountiful. Concerning brain imaging, just because a part of the brain lights up, when we look at a picture of Bill Clinton for example, doesn’t conclusively show how we feel about him.

The problem is though the amygdala does indeed light up when one is afraid, it also lights up in several other occasions, it could mean a number of things. The irony is that any pop neuroscience book that you pick up boasts about the complexity of the human brain — that it’s the most co “A new study suggests feeling powerful dampens a part of the brain that helps us connect with others,” is what I read in an article on NPR yesterday.

Also, several part of the brain will light up in any given moment, all of which can indicate different things, muddying up the water further. This was alright, not the best book. If they failed the test, they would have to enter an army sponsored rehab until clean. The book could be a little more comprehensive and look at neuroscience claims about education, literacy, technology, politics and some of the other areas where the field is often invoked, but in general it’s a rewarding read that offers some admirable balance in its perspective of a still emerging discipline.


You read something like this almost every day. Skinner, who sought to explain human behavior in terms of rewards and punishments. If I had been reading the book, I would never have finished it all, because the authors biases would have been too much to suffer through.

Khateeb rated it liked it Shelves: But otherwise, a good read. The Enlightenment has left a wonderful legacy in the scientific method, but scientists do a grave disservice when they overre The authors present exhaustive evidence to demonstrate that brain science is being applied inappropriately for all sorts of purposes, to name but a few: See how there is a difference?

Neuroscience, although a great tool for aiding in learning about human behavior, should not be the sole tool used.

But although brain scans and other neurotechnologies have provided groundbreaking insights into the workings of the human brain, the increasingly fashionable idea that they are the most important means of answering the enduring mysteries of psychology is misguided—and potentially dangerous.

It comes down to science of the gaps. However, according to the authors, we are still years perhaps decades away from truly clarifying the mi A well written book based upon the premise the application of fMRI neurological testing has significant limitations regarding suspected correlations between brain function and mental process. However, according to the authors, we are still years perhaps decades away from truly clarifying the mind-brain issue.

Review: Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience

For instance, she explains the different techniques used to gather the neatly colored brain scan pictures, between fMRI, PET and ECG, and, with A healthy dose of neurpscience towards all the neuro-hype flooding our society. Aug 13, Omar M. In addition, the fairly philosophically, not to mention historically, unsophisticated takes many of the critics have only underscores just how weak their position is.