The Official Hasbro sponsored Transformers Collectors’ Convention: BotCon® celebrating all eras of Transformers Toys!. Botcon Exclusive Dawn of Predacus Box Set. BY HASBRO – BRAND TRANSFORMERS BBTS Logo. COPYRIGHT BIGBADTOYSTORE, INC. Product Description. The Waruders invade planets, solar systems and universes to satiate their never ending need to feed. All four are redecos of the.

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We look forward to seeing you in Cincinnati! Many of you have been asking how the souvenir distribution will work at BotCon.

The Transformers Collectors’ Convention – BotCon Archive!

On November 28the page was updated with the location, date, and venue. Contents 1 Run-up 2 Venue 3 Merchandise 3. By February 14demand was so high that orders for Iacon packages would no longer be taken, though those that had ordered Iacon packages up to that point would receive them. All of the panels on this final day of BotCon were repeats of those held earlier in the weekend, with one significant exception:.

Thank you, once again, for your support! Ask for the BotCon or Transformers Convention rate. JRC IPSC is actively conducting research and development efforts on mobile botnets detection and take down with the goal of protecting citizens from this novel security threat and contributing to the EU research community with active support such as a mobile botnet malware collection.

BotCon From Transformers Wiki. You’ll be able to find Transformers toys that just dropped or those classic figures you need to fill that hole in your collection. We have started a new hotel block at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati. Since manufacturing of the sets has already been completed, we are not able to obtain additional quantities. Please do not email or call with questions concerning the figures, costs, or quantity as we cannot answer those questions.


They have rooms with two double beds available for you by calling or ! Hasbro Transformers Collectors’ Club. After that date, you will need to come to Late Registration Friday morning at 9: BotCon Hotel Information.

This article is a stub and is missing information. Contents 1 Venue 2 Merchandise 2. The TFcon Cosplay Contest features amazing costume creations from fans from all around the world. Granted, doing so risked instant death beneath the wheels of rushing cars on the freeway-like street crossed by the sky bridge. This is the first time we have shown the free attending figure before the start of Llogo

BotCon 2007

You left a piece out! In the past vehicles based on G1 and Transformers Movie cars have been at the convention, there have been Transformers themed concerts, live script readings with Transformers voice actors, and more. Call for papers They support us.

All of the free attending figures Ricochet have now been spoken for. BotCon From Transformers Wiki. TFcon will be held for the 17th year in Advance tickets will be available via each event website. All were available for autographs, pictures, and participate in panels throughout the convention.

Transformers: BotCon !

They support us Votcon Gendarmerie nationale has been established as a military-staffed law enforcement agency in France, with more than years of history. The fan-run convention was originally created to give Canadians the opportunity to celebrate their love for the Transformers franchise, and has grown to become the largest fan-run Transformers convention in the world.


You will not receive the free attending figure. It was held in Cincinnati, Ohiofrom April 24 to TFcon Los Angeles On January 31, registration forms went up. BotCon and Transformers Timelines Issue Who could this mysterious black figure be? The Transformers Cosplay contest allows everyone to show off their creations, but many Cosplayers walk around the show all pogo ready for pictures.

BotCon Schedule 2. Looking for the BotCon location and date? In addition to this, different special events take place per show. Sponsors If you want to support Botconf and join our sponsorscontact us at sponsors at botconf.

BotCon Press Release. Millennium Hotel or This April, for one Autobot, everything he has known will be shattered! The limit on Saturday will also be ligo per person. The organising committee of Botconf is a founding member of CECyF and our conference is organised with the support of CECyF, with the common objective to develop exchanges and better research and training against cybercrime. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.

Saturday Night Awards Party. If you enjoyed attending BotCon, you’ll love either TFcon convention! Fun Publications scheduled a large number of events to take place over the course of the convention to keep attendees entertained and informed. BotCon Registration Information.