Corina Bogdan I) Obiective v generale: formarea studenţilor pentru Testarea intelectului, Editura Fundaţiei România de Mâine, Bucureşti Nicolae Mitrofan, este o colecţie de tehnici şi strategii constituite pentru a permite o evaluare . Statisticile descriptive: grafice, modul de prezentare, de manipulare. 11 See Volkoff, Vladimir, Dezinformarea, armă de război, Editura Incitatus, Bucureşti, pp. 12 See Ficeac, Bogdan (), Tehnici de manipulare, Editura. prieten Pictorul Nicolae Grigorescu. Uploaded by. prieten Bogdan Ficeac – Tehnici de Manipulare v Uploaded by. prieten

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Out of enthusiasm, a Militia soldier abandons his platoon and decides to fight for the cause of the Revolution. Revolutia Romana 22 Dec cd5.

Moreover, although as we have seen, these authors have no problem affixing their names to petitions and the like, none of them has published any research on the December events since the early s.

Totalitarian yes, Stalinist no.

Himself archive footage Emil Bobu Printre ei si unii mai in virsta, imbracati civil. Those Who Have Told Us the Truth [1] As opposed to the aforementioned Vladimir Belis, Pavel Corut, and Dan Voinea, all of whom who have strenuously and repeatedly denied the existence and use in December of atypical munitions of dum-dum bullets and vidia bullets, there maanipulare those who have told us of the existence and use of these in Vogdan Nicolae Constantinescu, chief surgeon at the Coltea Hospital, also was paid the honor of a visit by Colonel Ghircoias during these days:.


Ratiu, seful Directiei I a Securitatii: Romania not only came late in the wave of communist regime collapse in the East European members of the Warsaw Pact in the fall of Poland, Hungary, the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Bulgariait came last —and inevitably that was significant.

General Dan Voinea who headed the investigations from and said as much: Color Black and White. And I am threatened that Manipupare too will disappear like them. Simion Cherlea also arrives, agitated. An outdoors orientation contest turns into a journey to the participants’ self and conscience. Posted in Uncategorized Tagged: I should majipulare to show a story, because nothing is told. Dialog-marturie cu general r Nicolae Militaru. Several urban legends of Communist Romania are dramatized.

To show the people and the whole world fanatical terrorists. Videogramme einer Revolution The terrorists did not exist.

Archive for October, 2010

We had been drugged. The Flight of the Ceausescus…more so Petre, who helped train a new generation of scholars who are probing recently opened archives.

On the other hand, Vladimir Tismaneanu is quoted as once having memorably said: What happened to those terrorists who were caught? As with the footage in Leni Riefenstahl’s “Olympia,” the images are quite arresting, kanipulare one really doesn’t want to move one’s eye away from what the camera is seeing.

Nicoae circa o jumatate de ora de tergiversari, col. Over the following decade, former securitate officials became major businessmen and political figures and efforts to bring individuals to justice for Communist-era crimes were systematically blocked, according to the final report of an official presidential commission released in Before the advent in the mid and late s of user-generated content video sites, much of what had been seen of the Revolution came from the studios and cameras of Romanian Television or foreign networks.


Jean Constantinescu [no apparent relation], who was shot in the CC building on 23 Decemberstated the following in a declaration he gave just last year as recounted by the nicooae journalist Romulus Cristea: There were no victims people who were shot from either vidia nicolea or dum-dum bullets. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. ByRomanians were shivering in apartments and workplaces that were only heated for a few hours a day.

October « The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December

Cornell University Press,p. Many were Arabs who knew with precision the nooks and crannies of Bucharest, Brasov and other towns in Romania. The idea that there were foreign terrorists has been circulating in the press.

Not having received any response, after six months I went there to ask what was going on. Himself archive footage Iosif Banc Twenty years later, scholars still debate whether the worst bloodshed was caused by revolutionaries fighting each other by mistake.

The discovery and then disappearances of such maps showing the placement and actions of Interior Ministry units—in particular, the Securitate—was recounted by others in the early s.

Here is what he said:.