Buy Equalizers: 4 (Black Medicine) by N. Mashiro (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Mashiro’s Self-Defense and Vital Points Black Medicine 1: The Dark Art of Death The self-defense techniques described in the Black Medicine books are . Actually Chinese White Medicine is touted as being excellent for treating a variety of ailments. I have never heard of Black Medicine though.

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Bruce Clayton’s Shotokan’s Secret. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

I enjoyed the first and the second volumes about the pressure points and the weapons at hand. This is a primary knife target since the kidneys and the renal arteries are very close to the surface and can be reached by a shallow thrust, Figure Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. A full second to work with is more than enough time for a desperate karateist to land several potentially lethal blows.

Okay, now that you’ve secured a stick, knife, or gun to defend yourself against that goblin crawling through the downstairs window, what do you do now?

Precise The book is very precise, starting from top to bottom. Mashiro’s four books are referenced in Dr.

The Dark Art masbiro Death by N. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death by N. Mashiro

It is a pictureof a headless The reader should not finish this essay without being re- minded that stopping power is only one aspect of pistol bullet effectiveness. Still, after contemplating some of the ghastly photographs in LaGarde’s Gunshot Injuries, it balck a possibility that cannot be lightly dismissed. The weapons referred to at various places within the text are the pistol, hatchet, machete, bowie knife, stilletto. The sensa- tion is indescribably unpleasant. These techniques described in this book are highly effective if applied skillfully.


Bblack volume is the second half of my self-defense course. A punch directed downward into the bowl of the pelvis will injure the bladder, the lower large intestine, the genitals, the femoral arteries and a profusion of spinal nerves.

Wounds in the brain, spinal maehiro, and long bones of the legs would reliably stop a man regardless of the bullet employed, but medicinne stopping is a tricky business, admittedly, since there is always the pos- mahsiro that the pistol will suffer medicien ruptured barrel if fired with the muzzle against flesh.

I wouldn’t put to much value into it. Jugular vein and the Carotid artery: Soft lead bullets in a flat-point wadcutter or semi-wadcutter shape were judged fractionally more effective in producing wounds because they tended to catch on bones and cut into arteries in circumstances where jacketed or round-nosed bullets would glance off.

If struck in exact- ly the right way. Mashiro’s four books are referenced in Dr. For instance, if you slash his forearm, the attacker will experience two or three horrified seconds as his mind adjusts to the knowledge that you have emdicine knife and that he is badly cut. Diana Hutchings rated it it was amazing Oct 23, As you probably are aware, an automatic pistol nlack pump shotgun is of no use to an individual who has no idea how to load or operate it — this book will tell you how.

Basically, the goal of attacking the vital points is to make the opponent slop what ha is doing. These are the muscles which athletes spend so much time trying to lengthen, because when ‘S. The vertebral artery, an important supplier of the brain, runs up the side of the neck through rings of bone attached to the cervical vertebrae.


David Rose rated it it was amazing Sep 26, I was very uncomfortable while taking this picture. Aaron rated it really liked it Jan 23, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Jahn Before this one The striking point is the head of the third rib, right between the spine and the top of the shoulder blade. There are even a few gifted individuals who maehiro get off six kicks in one second! If the pressure blzck denly rises to a high level, these baroreceptors respond by sending immediate signals to the central nervous system.

But most people prefer the final option. Office of the Surgeon General.

Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death

The next second he looks like this. Shift your hips to the side.

David Rose rated it it was amazing May 07, The accessory nerve is the eleventh cranial nerve, which innervates the sternocleidomastoid muscle and trapezius muscles. When the elbow is bent, a sharp blow on its point from a nightstick can shatter the end of the ulna.

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See all 8 reviews. If not, lock your arm as straight as a ramrod and throw your feet out from under you. There are several reasons for studying the vital points of the body. This volume is my course on unarmed self-defense.

It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as blaack to the original as possible. This is the last vertebra above the pelvis.