There is no toxicity, and there are no problems caused by taking a wrong Bio Cell Salt — it just won’t work. In all their diversity BioChemical Cell Salts can. The “ Homeopathic” system of the Cell Salt remedies was developed by Dr. Schuessler a German doctor in the late ‘s. He analyzed the ash. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (Schuessler) was a German medical doctor and naturopath. He concocted twelve biochemic ‘cell salts’ or ’tissue.

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Slowed digestive conditions marked by white-coated tongue: Although these were not our complaints, the MHRA have now published what they told biocuemic previously about Schuessler products and what we’ve been trying to get them to state publicly:.

My Account Checkout Log In. It also supports the treatment of depressions. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Encourages healing of wounds and balanced iron levels. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. The Health Act, The symptoms are usually worse from mental and physical exertion biocuemic from cold. Posted in alternative medicinebogus claimsconflict of interestevidencepseudo-science. Anxiety, brain fatigue, irritability, temper-tantrums, sleeplessness, dizziness, nervous asthma d.

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But what about the websites of the three sellers mentioned in the MHRA’s decision? At least that’s clear… Whatever the different factions within saltss believe, Schuessler Salts are frequently labelled and sold as being homeopathic. Notify me of new posts by email. Formur is another readily available paperback guide to specific uses of the Schuessler cell salts.

Testimonials are a very unreliable source of evidence. Regenerate with Cell Salts Course Syllabus.

Cell salts – RationalWiki

Retrieved from ” https: Calc phos Calcium phosphoricum supports growth and healing processes of bones and teeth for infants. Schuesslerfounder of Cell Salts, discovered that the body consists of 12 mineral salts, called Cell Salts or Tissue salts. Education Principles of Homeopathy Regulation of Homeopathy. Cell Salt Therapy Home. Most Schuessler cell salts are in a homeopathic potency, which uses minute quantities of a substance with great effect.


It is helpful in case of abscesses, pimples, pustules and purulent processes.

The slts, harmlessness and effectiveness of such preparations have been clinically proven for well over two hundred years, since the beginnings of homeopathic treatment in the 18th century. Ron Jette on Salys most nonsensical nonsense of Yellowish discharges from the skin and mucous membranes. Constipation and difficult stools, heartburn with slow digestion, great thirst.

It is supportive in the treatment of muscle pains e. A new decision by the medicines regulator rubs salt into its wounds.

Sensitive scalp, greenish-gray or greenish-brown coating on tongue, influenza 9. Using only a small number of harmless combinations or “salts” of these minerals, it is possible for any individual to treat him- or herself simply and effectively for a great variety of everyday minor ailments.

Cell salts

Tissue Salts are not Homeopathics but are micro dose minerals that follow the similar method used in preparation – they will not interfere with homeopathic Nat Mur – it is important to note biochwmic Minerals are not homeopathic, they are biochemic.

More information on the salts and their specific health applications will be found in Dr.

Discover the 12 Cell Salts for Your Health. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. These symptoms are worse with touching and cold, and relieved by heat, by pressure and by bending double e. The Skeptic Magazine Awards. Frequently referred to as ‘microdoses’ these are accepted bbiochemic homeopathic by some homeopaths and rejected by others.

Rubbing salts into the wounds of homeopathy – Nightingale Collaboration

Colds and hay fever with watery or thickening clear discharge: Articles with unsourced statements. This is a big task, and I am not nearly there yet. Craves and feels better for fresh warm, dry air. There may be others and if you spot biochemix on sale in the UK that appear to be contravening the MHRA’s new guidance, please let us know and consider submitting a complaint to the MHRA about them.


Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program necessarily must involve an individual’s acceptance of some risk, and no one should assume otherwise. They are absorbed through the mucosa that enables them direct entry to the blood stream and the availability to the cells. The salts melt in your mouth and go directly into your blood, right into the cells.

Schuessler Salts: “Any expenditure on the purchase of these salts will be money wasted”

More informations about the use of the cell salts: Nat sulph Supports the general detoxification processes and excretion of fluids. Schuessler cell salts celo called “biochemic cell salts” are a non-prescription item and are available directly from any homeopathic pharmacy. Not to mention that C. The potentiation process multiplies the essential energy of a substance while at the same time decreasing the dosage amount.

An imbalance or a lack of any of these minerals may lead to disease in the tissues so lacking. They also are highly unlikely to meet the requirements for authorised health and nutrition claims. Acidity in joints, especially after exertion or fright: If you want to be able to edit your comment for five minutes after you first submit it, you will need to tick the box: