Made in Italy. Bezzera is an Italian company, exporting authentic Made in Italy around the world. All of the production phases, from assembly to final inspection, . Find great deals for Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I read your review and am glad you are happy with the Bezzera, information has been somwhat sparse on this machine but growing. As you.

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I have heard that the Bezzera has a lot of steam power, and the stock tip makes it hard to steam milk in a controlled manner.

Bezzera BZ02S Reviews? Comments?

When I tried to backflush the machine, the problem was amplified. I mispoke before thinking this was one of the commercial 1-group machines with a liter boiler. Hello again, One of my burr grinder is the smart grinder like yours,I think they are wonderful little machines,mine seems to just work so well and all of ba02 time.

Congrats on the new machine, by the way.

First off, get a deeper basket — the LM doubles are apparently best for this machine — the Bezzera baskets are very shallow and sensitive to overloading. Not ground fine enough ,or not tempted firm enough,insufficient basket filling bzzera cent rule! La Cimbali Max Hybrid.

Professional Posted Wed Apr 11,8: Here is a picture of the machine with the top opened and the boiler exposed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Even doing 10, 12oz in a 20oz pitcher is fast – about 20 seconds or less.


Is it not getting hot at all? Posted Fri Apr 13,5: No commercial posting of any nature will be tolerated; only private sales by private individuals, in the “Buy and Sell” forum. The same would apply to the old Bezzera 90 or the new 02 being sold at 1st line for a killer pricewhich have bezzerw same internals.

Posted Wed Apr 17,5: Professional level espresso grinder at entry level prices, grind 18g in 5 seconds! A1, La Cimbali M32 Grinder: The Elektra A3with a 6L boiler and W heating element, leads the pack at 34 seconds.

Optionally, you may also wish to try some different portafilter baskets if you like to play around Help support this site by using our Amazon affiliate link next time you shop!

I always wonder though, what I would get if we had a Bz022, Macap or Rocky. Who can change or delete posts? A naked portafilter is my next step.

Bezzera BZ – Espresso Machines – Coffee Forum

Azkoyen Capriccio, Major Vac Pot: You’ve made a big step up from your previous setup. No SEO style postings will be tolerated. Mark Gezzera was one of the first amateurs to get an HX machine, and he chose a Livia.

Does the ferrule screw apart or is it just a friction fit?

Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine

Any registered CoffeeGeek member can post new topics. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Espresso Mods and Restorations Fixed: Hoping it was not a sticking solenoid could be pricy to replaceI unplugged the machine, removed the water reservoir.

Posted April 11, link Mmm, bezera. There’s lots of consumer reviews of the Livia up on the coffeegeek site; some have user tips. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I’m not sure if this is unique to my machine, but the tubing is way too long, causing it to kink easily and stay that way. Originally Posted by MarkMarynaBris. Now when I brew an espresso, my puck is dry as I could want, and the backflush bexzera drains into the drip tray when cleaning.

Jasonian Senior Member Joined: Oh, and more from me on this later. Click for larger image. Project that to the Bezzera: The thermal setup on the Livia is a largish 6 ounce or so heat exchanger in a vertical boiler, with much of the stored water in the b0z2, feeding a light weight brew head bolted to the boiler. However, we’re going to opt for a safer fix for the mechanically declined. Only moderators can delete posts. I love it but only have the Starbucks’ Barista to compare.

If you’re going to buy a machine, you should buy the best you can.