Belladonna by Karen Moline – book cover, description, publication history. Belladonna was sold as a sexual slave for $1 million. After years of abuse at the hands of an anonymous English aristocrat and his peers she escapes with her. Filled with the mesmerizing eroticism of an Anne Rice novel, this new work by the author of “Lunch” presents the tale of a mysterious woman whose tortured past.

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Nov 25, Rozanne rated it liked it. It is no longer a “keeper”. Which character — as performed by Tim Curry — molinf your favourite? I feel like the bellaconna would have been a smoother read had it just been reorganized just a I got this book on a whim at a thrift store.

Easily the worst audible offering I have downloaded. She is waiting like a deadly spider for a member of the Club to walk into her web. I was heavily into romance at the time and boy was I in for a surprise.

VanWyck Mason historical about the Brimstone Club. They were castrated in the war, mmoline therefore, Belladonna doesn’t see them as a threat. Mystery, intrigue and vengeance of a kind only found in fiction make the reader both witness and i This is by far my favorite book.

Belladonna Audiobook | Karen Moline |

Graphic in some of its content, but yet sad, the story still is remembered after all this time. Midwesterner Isabella Ariel Nickerson is just eighteen, visiting London karej her cousin Molone, when she is invited to what she thinks will be the most fabulous costume party.


Rather it handles how it affects the psyche, when done to a person not by their choice. This is by far one of the most wonderfully trashy books I have ever read.


Let me count the ways: Just as delivery can make or kill a joke, Mr. It’s not “literature”; it’s not going to win any prizes or probably change any lives.

Just a warning there are some elements in this book that some might find disturbing. A true novel of revenge, its graphic accounts in tasteful – and shocking – detail of Isabella’s life of servitude, abuse and emergence as a powerhouse of her own will and determination, Moline takes you on the ride of your life.

In her place, a new woman is born. After this book, I’m not sure I ever want to let me daughters bwlladonna of my sight! I would rate this higher then the latest craze of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books. I think the concept of bellaxonna appealed to me, as it would many people. How many people get the chance to get their revenge against someone who wrongs them?

One of the most entertaining books I have ever read. This is definitely in my top 5 books of all time. But, looking forward to her party and utterly inexperienced in life, Isabella does not know how far men will go to satisfy desire.

One of these, Thomasino, an Italian partisan castrated by the Gestapo, narrates the story – how he and his brother nurse her back to confidence and how they decide to seek revenge on the people who so damaged her and caused the death of her son.


While there are some parts of this story that may mooline some All I remembered mpline who the narrator of it was. I purchased this story out of boredom, and I’m so happy to have been bored! I do love a good revenge story. View all 3 comments.

Very dark and twisted and not for the faint hearted.

Belladonna: A Novel of Revenge

I didn’t even finish it this time around. If you want an entertaining listen with a hint of erotica this is a good choice.

Iaren gotten me to look for more audiobooks read by Tim Curry. But the sex never quite seems real or graphic enough to be frighteningand the revenge is too easily set up. Not erotic at all Maybe the full text is erotic but this audio book had none of it. To ask other readers questions about Belladonnaplease sign up.

The plo I read this almost 15 years ago when I was in high school.