Lyga continues to shift genres, delivering a superb mystery/thriller that explores what it’s like to have a monster for a father. Seventeen-year-old. But he’s also the son of the world’s most infamous serial killer, and for Dear Old Dad, “Take Your Son to Work Day” was year-round. Jazz has witnessed crime. If you’ve read the I Hunt Killers novels, you only have part of the story! Set before the events of the first book, these short stories and novellas fill in the backstory.

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Are serial killers normal looking? Not only is the cover under the dust jacket bloodily gorgeous, but the story is SO wow-worthy! The characters are likable but all too human, and their struggles and triumphs will have you rooting harder for a bunch of teenagers than you would have thought.

Overall, this is a solid read and I really enjoyed it. His internal struggle over wanting to hurt and to protect people is really well developed.

Please don’t leave me hanging like this, Mr. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I HUNT KILLERS by Barry Lyga | Kirkus Reviews

I grew up on horror films and Stephen King bed time stories. The tone, too, was exactly what I wanted. And k my best friends on here know I have this The suddenly concerned adult comment from the Impressionist when he saw it cracked me up: Know how they think, how they formulate their killings?


A lot of humor is also added by Jazz’s grandmother, with whom he lives. So, I went to the Barnes and Noble site to see if they had it and they did. The second thing… was that they were right.

As for books, I can think of several: He has a best friend, girlfriend, a role in the school play, and…a serial killer for a father.

Of all the points in the novel that I could’ve been offended by, I was a little disheartened by the fact that Jazz essentially drugs his grandmother several times to keep her sleeping. The book somewhat reminded me of the Dexter TV series which my husband has completely gotten my hooked on, but still is a fresh new take on it.

Isn’t it the perfect larceny? Or so he thinks. You have to admit, there is something fascinating about serial killers. And for all the right reasons. By this knife he can’t help but see in his nightmares.

I Hunt Killers — Barry Lyga Dot Com

Indeed after a slow start, this book was such a page-turner that I gave into it hours long without thinking about anything else, hooked as I was. See, everything is in the voice-over and Oh, dear. Jazz, and the narration, was knowingly calculating, which is chilling on its own, but what’s great is that it chills Jazz too – but not enough to stop him from doing what has to be done.


The book is well balanced where the dark side is combined with the humorous tones of the writing. Who was this killer infatuated with his dad?


When your father is the most notorious serial killer of the 21st century, having a normal life is a struggle. In Jasper, Lyga created a well-rounded, consistent hhunt truly believable character.

There was a problem adding your email address. After all, you might know a thing or two when your dad is one of the most famous serial killers of all time. Jasper “Jazz” Dent is a likable teenager. These victims ring a bell for Jasper, one that comes to him in another of his flashbacks.