Remote Start & Security Systems. These Avital® Remote Start and Security Systems combine security with remote start to give you peace of mind, knowing your. Guides and Manuals We know it’s difficult to keep track of your guides, so download any of your Avital® Owner’s Guides here. , 7/31/, download. Model Installation Guide. This product is intended for installation by a professional installer only! Attempts to install this product by a person other than a.

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Is the LED plugged into the correct socket?

Recheck wire connections to see if you have reversed these. Using Your System Safety check Before vehicle reassembly, the remote start system must be checked to ensure safe and trouble-free operation.

Avital 5103 Manuals

The avitwl test procedure must be used to verify proper installation and operation of the system. In multi-coil and high energy ignition systems locating a proper signal may be more difficult. Limited Consumer Warranty Component locations and finding wires For detailed information on where to locate components, and how to find the wires you need, please refer to the Direct Tech web site at www. Aux 4, Horn, h42-pin Connector Long term event history The system stores the last two full triggers in memory.


Disarming Without A Transmitter The receiver can store up to 4 different transmitter codes in memory. Connecting directly to a solenoid, motor, or other high-current device will cause the module to fail. These are not erasable.

Testing The Neutral Safety Switch Long Term Event History Long term event history The system afital the last two full triggers in memory. When the parking lights come on, shut off the remote start with the remote – that’s it!

These wires are the source of current for pink ignition, orange accessory, purple starter, and the coils for the relays in the relay pack.

Avital L 1-way Security System With Remote Start | eBay

Door Lock Harness, 3-pin Connector High Security Disarm Page 53 the parking lights will flash during the remote start runtime. Making your wiring connections Before making your connections, plan how your wires will be routed through the vehicle.

This feature erases all remotes from the system memory. For more informa- tion about the remote control functions, see the Owners Guide. Table of zones Aviral using the Diagnostic functions, use the Table of Zones to see which input has triggered the system. Has the NPC system been triggered?

Avital – Guides and Manuals

Then press it once more and hold it. Table Of Contents Contents Warning! Disabling The Remote Start System The installation must be com- pleted before testing, including connection to the brake switch and hood switch. Table of contents Limited Lifetime Consumer Warranty Feature Descriptions Feature descriptions The features of the system are described below.


Virtual Tach is programmed. Primary Harness h1pin Connector If the learn routines have been programmed previously using the Bit- writer, the routines may be locked. To check this, turn the ignition key on and off to clear the NPCs memory, and then retest the shock sensor.

The longer the word is, the easier it is to block its transmission to the unit. Menu 1 – Basic Multi-level security arming Multi-Level Security Arming is a feature that allows the user to select which system inputs or sensors will be active, aviatl will be bypassed when the system is armed. This feature controls the error chirp that is generated if the system is armed with the door trigger active.

Aux 4, Horn, h4 2-pin Connector