Aveyond Quick Start Walkthrough Aveyond. you want to play the game in full-screen mode, press ALT+ENTER on your keyboard. 3. Our Aveyond Walkthrough helps you though this medieval world of monsters and Talk to her, and she will say that Rhen is the chosen one, and present Rhen. Aveyond 1 Rhen’s Quest is the first part in Aveyond series. Pass for the Peninsula Trade Route and a choice between a climbing guide and a cooking kit.

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Once you defeat Lorad, you become an official apprentice Sword Singer, and discover you have gained 5 levels during your time at the academy!

Aveyond Walkthrough and Cheats |

The areas on either side lead to treasure, while the middle path is the right way forward. Sign in Already have an account? Rhen grows a pomegranate and offers it at the altar beside the river at Mount Orion, and the boat floats towards her, allowing her to pass. There are other sidequests here, so explore and talk to everyone.

Home Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats Strategy. Then, it must be true.

Level 15 is enough for Rhen to learn the most advanced spells the academy has to offer. Hope you guys like it. Here, Rhen begins to contemplate her future, and whether she should become queen after all.

Here, she defeats the daeva Agas, who was holding the Dreamer’s Tear. The emissaries from Shadwood Academy happen to be in town at the time and witness the exchange. For more information about the main quest, please see the Aveyond Strategy Guide, which contains a thorough walkthrough of the entire walkthroygh and information about all of the items in the game.

They then present Rhen with a token that proves her freedom as a citizen and servant of the Empress, and tell her to head to the academy in Veldarah. Once you pick the last Marionbell, dusk will fall, so head home, qalkthrough the Marionbells to Ma, and head to bed. Rhen shows the Chancellor her Sigma Ring and tells him that she wants to marry Dameon.


Already have an account? During this discussion, if you received the Fairy Dust from helping the lost fairies in the Demon Caverns, it will be used to show him the aveuond about Ahriman. Choose this when Dameon offers Rhen eternal power, just before wallthrough fight with Ahriman. The Queen then sends Rhen on a quest to find her a nightingale to ease her sleep.

Find the seamstress shop and talk to the seamstress. The passage to Sedona, a major city on the Western Isle, is only accessible by land via the Peninsula Trade Route, and Rhen cannot yet travel to Sedona by boat.

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The party defeats Indra and returns the soul of Daena, the druid of wisdom, to her temple. If you have any spare money, get some better equipment and supplies from the various shops around town. Clearwater, Rhen’s old hometown, is also in the Highlands. Forgoing either aveyone the items will not affect the plot.

Rhen tracks the assassination attempt to the thieves’ hideout outside of the city.

Aveyond Tips Walkthrough

That means we now need to complete the Nightingale Quest, so we can get on with catching the Theyor Dragon we saw a bit earlier. In the jungle, go northwest until you reach the overworld. With the bone and the pomegranate seeds, head over to where that barking dog was, and use the bone to distract it.

Lars is convinced that he and Rhen must defeat the Hind in order to impress the headmaster at Shadwood and walmthrough from the Academy. Posted May 19, In the palace, Rhen meets Lars, who is there to visit his cousin, the Empress.

The gate in his yard blocks the way to the cave system in which Tawrich, the daeva that stole Armaiti’s soul, is hiding. Elini will say you need a Dragon Rider … aha … we just happen to know where there is a Dragon Rider walkthruogh nothing to do.


As you explore the rest of Wildwood you will find that the entrance to Halloween Hills is closed off due to unnecessary staking of its citizens. The fighting experience lends to their skill-building. You receive a token from an emissary who walkthrrough you and Lars. Walktgrough ultimately, in order to find the ring, go to the Junk Shop in Veldarah.

When the demon has gone, his lair begins to collapse, and the hero party escape to the desert, where they watch the Stronghold Temple entrance cave in. Go To Topic Listing Aveyond 1: To the south are the Memory Caverns. Once again, she asks you to find Lars. Related Stories Starting Out with Hearthstone.

You will also want to talk to Griselda, who just happens to be looking for a husband. When Rhen returns home, she finds that little has changed; however, when she speaks with her parents, they reveal to her that they are not her parents by birth. Your next chore is to kill the spiders in Mistress Rona’s attic. In the palace, talk to the Empress. So, depending on your needs or preferences, you are free to make your choice.

In Ghed’ahre, Rhen meets Te’ijal, a vampiress who wants to explore the world but cannot go out in the sunlight. You choice of gifts is this: Talia will not tell Rhen where she is or how she can return home, but asks Rhen to meet her in the Empress’ palace without explanation.

Aveyond 1 – Walkthrough

Enjoy aveyohd music as it changes to a festive tune! Once through it, you will be back on the Northern Isle world map. I went from level 31 or so to level 51 or 52 in a short time. Go to the city Veldarah.