a work in sanskrit on advaita vedanta written by Adi Shankaracharya in 68 verses . Overview of Vedanta for general understanding of the subject. A bit technical. Adi Shankaracharya Swami Sivananda Swami Tapovanji Swami . ATMA BODHA IS A Prakarna Grantha, dealing with Knowledge of the Self. Aatma Bodha – Knowledge of Self by Adi Shankaracharya Atma Bodha, meaning self knowledge, was composed by Adi Shankara Swami.

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Sri Shankaracharya – Atma Bodha by Swami Nikhilananda – PDF Drive

The original text consists of sixty-eight verses and describes the way to the attainment of the knowledge of the Atman. Changeless and the same in shqnkaracharya, at all times I am pure, unattached, stainless and motionless.

And yet, one ignorantly imagines that the individual soul knows, does and sees everything well. Even that is Brahman, the secondless being, consciousness and bliss, when the reality is known.

Atmabodha – Knowledge of Self

Just as a lamp illumines a jar or a pot, so also the Atman illumines the mind and the sense organs, etc. As in VivekachudamaniShankara teaches that the Ultimate Reality or Brahmanthe foundation of all, is beyond name and form, is of the nature of Pure Consciousness, but who can atmzbodha realized by pursuing the Path of Knowledge, not by worship. He sees all things as his own self in the same way as one sees pots, etc.

Hindu Way of Life. One should understand that the Atman is always like the King, distinct from the body, senses, mind and intellect, all of which constitute the matter Prakriti ; and is the witness of their functions. A lighted-lamp does not need another lamp to illumine its light. No part of this website can be copied or reproduced in any manner. Featured Article 1 2 3 4. Sreenivas rated it it was amazing Jul 02, While it lasts, it seems shankaraacharya be real, but, when one awakes, it becomes unreal.

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I am without attributes and actions; Eternal Nitya without any desire and thought Nirvikalpawithout any dirt Niranjanawithout any change Nirvikarawithout form Nirakaraever-liberated Nitya Mukta ever-pure Nirmala.

Picked this up for no good reason, and was truly surprised. According to Shankra the phenomenal world is a mere super imposition in which we become entangled because of our involvement with the sense objects. Atma-bodha with translation and commentary by Nikhilananda PDF.

I’d say its a must read for any beginner of Indian philosophy, or more specifically advaita.

The world which is full of attachments, aversions, etc. He who has the eye of knowledge sees Brahman that is being, consciousness and bliss, in all things; but he who has shankaracharyaa the eye of knowledge cannot see it thus, as a blind man cannot see the shining sun. Preview — Self-Knowledge by Adi Shankaracharya. It is beautiful, but I gave it 4 stars because I did not learn anything new from it—maybe because I’ve already read a few Advaita books that summarise Shankara’s thought, so now reading the original material feels redundant.

I don’t read thrillers or crime stories as a rule, but I’m not sure this qualifies as either. It is like the illusion of silver in the mother-of pearl. Sbankaracharya cannot dispel ignorance, because they are not mutually contradictory. Working on this version very shankaracharrya, since it contains the original Sanskrit and with that I’m just a beginner: He who, unmindful of the limitations of direction, space, time, etc.

The Soul appears to be finite because of ignorance. To ask other shanlaracharya questions about Self-Knowledgeplease sign up.

Self-Knowledge: Sankara’s “Atmabodha” by Adi Shankaracharya

The text in sixty-eight verses describes the path to Self-knowledge or the awareness of Atman. That which is neither subtle nor dense, neither short nor long, which is unborn, immutable, devoid of form, quality, caste or name,—that should be understood as Brahman.

Brahman is other than this, the atmzbodha. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From the author of The Complete Commentary by Sankara on the Yoga Sutras, this book deals with the karma-yoga meditation practice and the realization of the supreme self as described in the Bhagava Gita yoga.


The body and other objects of perception are the products of ignorance and are as evanescent as bubbles. Realise That to be Brahman, the attainment of which leaves nothing more to be attained, the blessedness of which leaves no other blessing to be desired and the knowledge of which leaves nothing more to be known.

It is pure existence, where as the mind and the body are unreal and mutable. Rating relates only to root text itself, not to any commentary or associated materials.

Knowing all, he should be like one that knows not, and should wander about, unattached, like the wind. NT rated it really liked it May 03, If any object other than Brahman appears to exist, it is unreal like the mirage.

One should separate the grain of the pure inner self from the chaff of the body and- other sheaths by the threshing of reason. And by discovering your inner Self you experience the infinite, all pervading Brahman. This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat Goodreads helps you shankkaracharya track of books you want to read. Pervading the entire universe outwardly and inwardly the Supreme Brahman shines of Itself like the fire that permeates a red-hot iron-ball and glows by itself.

Shankarachwrya from ” https: The tremblings that belong to the waters are attributed through ignorance to the reflected moon dancing on it: That by the light of which the luminous, orbs like the Sun and the Moon are illuminated, but which is not illumined by their light, realise that to be Brahman.