1. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION United States Legal Document ≠ All citizens and residents are hereby advised that this. Edition of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). Summary of . BPVC-IX Section IX Welding and Brazing Qualifications. ASME Order. Section VIII, Rules for Construction of. Pressure Vessels, Division 1. BPVC-IX . BPVC-IX. Section IX, Welding, Brazing, and. Fusing Qualifications. ASME’S ( ). • Process Piping: The Complete Guide to. ASME B, Third Edition.

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The Boiler and Pressure Is Committee meets regu- larly to consider revisions of the rules, new rules as dictated by technological development, Code Cases, and requests for interpretations.

Those cross sections shall be smoothed and etched with a suitable etchant see QW to give a clear definition of the weld metal and heat affected zone.

Smith, Wee Chair M. Morrow, Secretary L F. Where a combination of welding processes is required to make a weldment, each welder shall be qualified for the particular welding process or processes he will be required to use in production welding. Indications shall be evaluated bpc acceptance as follows: The welds shall show complete fusion and no evidence of burn- ing through the tube wall, and shall be free from cracking or porosity.


Turned specimens con- forming to the requirements given in figure QW Revised QWA and QWB to change “radiographic” to “nondestructive,” implementing these revi- sions on those forms. The requirements of Note 1 of tables Q W 1.

Full text of “ASME BPVC IX (): Addendum to the Edition”

A welder or welding operator may be qualified by volu- metric NDE of a test coupon or their initial production welding within the limitations of QW and QW or by bend tests taken from a test coupon.

QW lists the additional essential variables for welding operators. However, facsimiles may be used for the purpose of fostering ase use of such construction.

Patel, Contributing Member E. QW Manufacturer’s or Contractor’s Responsibility Each manufacturer or contractor shall list the parameters applicable to welding that he performs in construction of weldments built in accordance with this Code.


Al-Shawaf, Contributing Member B. The Code does not fully address tolerances. In order to pass the test seach of the five stud welds and heat-affected zones shall be free of visible separation or fracture after bending and return bend- ing or after hammering.

Each specimen of the set shall be tested and meet the requirements of QW Revisions to the Edition are indicated by When the width of the weld is so large that a bend specimen cannot be bent so that the entire weld and heat affected zones are within the bent portion, multiple specimens across the entire weld and heat affected zones shall be used.

Pipe with its axis inclined at 45 deg to horizontal. Basile, Vice Chair S. All variables, if recorded, shall be the actual variables including ranges used during the welding of the test coupon. A change in a welding condition which will affect the ability of a welder to deposit sound weld metal such as a change in welding process, deletion of backing, electrode, F-Number, technique, etc.

The test coupons may be plate, pipe, or other product forms. Other Sections of the Code may specify different requirements than those speci- fied by this Section. The weld is par allel to the longitudinal axis of the specimen, which is bent so that the root surface becomes the convex side of the bent specimen.

The acceptance criteria for welders or welding operators who qualify on production welds by radiography as permitted in QW Mechanical testing of the completed weldment shall be in accordance with QW The specifications for materials given in Section II are identical with or similar to those of specifications published by ASTM, AWS, and other recognized national or interna- tional organizations.

The weld is trans- verse to the longitudinal axis of the specimen, which is bent so that the face surface becomes the convex surface of the bent specimen. The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee in the formu- lation of its rules and in the establishment of maximum design and operating pressures considers materials, con- struction, method of fabrication, inspection, and safety devices.

asme IX bpvc.ix.2010

The welding variables of QW shall apply except for those regarding base metal or weld metal thickness. Landers, Corresponding Member R. Successful test restores the qualification. The approximate location of beads to be deposited relative to the original base metal surface shall be identified, and the applicable parameters shall be used for the layers to be deposited as specified by the WPS.


A margin note, aplaced next to the heading indicates Location. The results of welder and welding operator performance tests evaluated by volumet- ric NDE shall be recorded in accordance with QW It is permissible, however, to subcontract any or all of the work of preparation of test materials for weld- ing and subsequent work on the preparation of test speci- mens from the completed weldments, performance of nondestructive examination and mechanical tests, provided the manufacturer, contractor, azme, or installer accepts full responsibility for any such work.

These articles are frequently misused by selecting vari- ables that do not apply to a particular process. Plate in a vertical plane with the axis bpfc the weld horizontal.

When a chemical composition is not specified in the WPS, welders or welding operators who successfully complete a groove weld performance qualification test meeting the corrosion-resistant overlay bend test require- ments of QW may be considered qualified for corro- sion-resistant overlay welding within the ranges defined in QW or QW These variables shall be recorded on the qualification record.

The minimum pass length shall be 4 in. Qualification for groove welding, welding with buttering or cladding, and temper bead welding may also be done in a single test coupon.

The qualification test coupon shall be pre- pared in accordance with figure QW Porosity shall not exceed one void in the transverse cross section or three voids in the longitudinal cross section of a specimen. A minimum aasme 1 in. These coupons shall be examined and tested in accordance with QW Four side bend test specimens shall be removed from the completed test coupon and tested.