French: Article défini. Article défini. Exercice: Compléter les phrases suivantes par French exercise “Article défini” created by jagienka with The test builder. Exercices de français – French exercises Articles indéfinis: Les Occupations · Articles indéfinis: La Maison · Articles définis: Les Fruits · Articles définis: Les. Complétez avec les articles définis (le, la, l’ ou les). cuisinier, acteur, peintre. électricien, bonne, serveur. coiffeur, vétérinaire, médecin. Résultat: <<<< More.

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Most need to be introduced or ‘determined’ by an article. As in English, an article is characterized as either definite ‘the’ or indefinite ‘a’, ‘an’. In addition, French articles are also masculine or femininesingular or pluralaccording to the gender and number exfrcices the noun they determine.


Here are the definite articles in French: This is called elision. Unlike le and lales does not have a contracted, reduced form. This additional sound linking two words is called liaison. Listen to the following examples: Exceptions to this rule are words beginning with an aspirate ‘h’. Do you know aritcles UT Tower?



Of course, it is the exxercices of the University! What about Sixth street? Well, it’s the Champs-Elysees of Austin. English, in contrast, uses no article at all. Compare the following sentences: L’ argent ne rend pas l’ homme heureux!

Money does not make man happy! Love and health are more important! Mais l’ amour est aussi important pour nous que pour les humains. Of course, afticles insects and animals, money does not exist! But love is as important for us as it is for humans. Ah, yes, love, love, love, always love!

Once again, English omits the article in such general statements. Tex adore les croissants. Tammy does not like coffee. Edouard appreciates good French cuisine. Le matin, Tammy va en cours. Every morningTammy goes to class. Every afternoonshe goes to the library.

Le lundi, Tex fait son jogging. On MondaysTex goes for a jog. Every summerhe bathes with Tammy at Barton Springs.

Articles définis-French

Every winterhe skis in Purgatory. Apporte les assiettes, les exercicew, les verres, les serviettes et le vin. Tex, help me set the table! Bring the plates, knives, glasses, napkins, and wine. Continents, countries, states, regions, and oceans usually require an article l’ Afrique, la France, le Texas, la Bourgogne, l’ Atlantique etc.


See prepositions with place names for more information. Months deffinis require an article: Nevertheless Tex adores March in Austin.

Days of the week do not require an article in instances where they do not indicate habitual recurrence. Lundiil a rendez-vous avec Tammy. Monday he has a date with Tammy.

Listen to the dialogue: I like French a lot. So Tammy, you really like French men? Especially French men who wear a beret! Fill in the blank with the correct definite article: Compulsory liaison with a vowel or silent h.