The purpose of this paper is to present experimental results on the performance and operating life of a kW plasma jet rocket engine for space propulsion. The arc- jet thrustor represents an engine for potential space applications rocket, which may have a potential specific impulse in excess of seconds. Then go and clear out arc jet systems and go help Danse clear the day of the month, you can pile a bunch of ghouls in it, calibrate the rocket.

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ArcJet Systems | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Promote discussion, not attacks. Posts promoting or facilitating piracy in any way will rcoket removed. Piracy is a permanent ban, no warnings. Fallout Fixes and Performance Guide. Fallout 4 Console Modding Guide. What can I do with this rocket? If you’ve finished the main quest for the Brotherhood, and sell the Junk Jet to Solomon, you can blow it up.

Once you get done talking to him go do all the stuff for him and finish the quest. Finally inspect the Rockets on the boat.

Go back and talk to him. Then go and clear out arc jet systems and go help Danse clear the place out. Finally you’ll notice in the basement there’s a terminal about the rockets.


Engine List – Atomic Rockets

Now you can go and blow it up. I actually found out that if you are at least level 69, have a INT of 8, Science level 4, and Nuclear Physicist 2, and you wait until exactly midnight on an even day of the month, you can pile a bunch of ghouls in it, calibrate the rocket, and fire them off into the promise land.

Like that quest in New Vegas where you help those weird aliens return to their planet for XP, or blow them up Use a mini-gun to push the nearby cars on top of the ghouls. You’ll get a prompt for “Transform” rather than “Promise Land”, and if you THEN calibrate and activate it, it will turn into a huge metal robot with one ghoul in each robot limb. It subsequently blows up. I couldn’t get a good screen grab. Well Bethesda hasn’t confirmed any of this, of course, but using my 10 intelligence and 3rd level hacker perk I was able to blow it up, and then take a frame by frame analysis of the explosion to figure out that this will be used by the player character in a future DLC to reach the Zetan mothership and blow that up, too.

I blew it up in my last game.

If I recall, I just pushed a shiny button. Arcjef require anything else. I would be if I didn’t put my quantum harmonizer in what I thought was a photonic resignation chamber. The detonator is under the truck, but you need to beat the Elite Four times before you can move the truck out of the way. IIRC the Arcjet terminals say that they completed their rocket project for the government just before the day the bombs fell. They may have been shipping a prototype out for additional testing.


Acquire a robo brain and just wait in a chair nearby until you get a rad storm. This results in a brainstorm and is the best way to blow it up. Anything’ a dildo that can take you to space if you try hard enough and it’s a big rocket.


You could probably scrap it for about 30 steel, but nothing else that it would most likely have like radioactive material or oil or anything remotely useful. But I did read rumor on Reddit that you can blow it up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. A place for any and all discussion about Fallout 4.

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Want to add to the discussion? I made it explode, but that’s just me.

Blowing it up sounds fun though. Then I exploded this rocket. I was disappointed too But I don’t know where I heard it. And I would blow it up. Now I can go blow it up! You could blow it up instead. How do you explode it?