AR 385-64 PDF

*This pamphlet supersedes DA Pam –64, dated 15 December This edition publishes a rapid action revision of DA Pam – This pamphlet explains the Army’s safety criteria and standards for operations involving ammunition and explosives prescribed by AR , for the United. Department of the Army Pamphlet DA PAM Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards Rapid Action Revision (RAR): 10 October [United States.

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Sample Explosives Safety Continuity Guide. Protection from lightning is another essential part of protecting soldiers, munitions, and equipment involved in storage operations. Higher headquarters may assemble a team to investigate the incident.

During the planning phase of any operation, safety personnel must conduct a task ae analysis and safety evaluation before writing unit SOPs.

User immediately secures the site, equipment, and munitions. If the UXO cannot be avoided, protective measures may be necessary to reduce risk to personnel and to minimize damage to equipment and facilities. Miscellaneous Ammunition and Explosive Safety Resources.

FM Chptr7 Munitions Safety

It also applies to all Army civilian personnel in a duty status, on or off a DOD installation; and to all persons at any time on 3885-64 Army installation. This accident occurred when the munitions in one vehicle ignited, and the resulting fire spread to adjacent vehicles that were parked too close together.


These hazards can be overcome through awareness training and using well-written SOPs.

Facility Manager’s Maintenance Handbook. Handbook of Aeronautical Inspection and Pre-Purchase. How to Estimate Range and Wind. Unexploded Ordnance Safety Posters. Examples are forklifts, towing tractors, cranes, pallet jacks, PLS trucks, and conveyors.


The only circumstances where markings or tags may be painted over or removed are maintenance, testing, or to change the equipment’s rated load. Be familiar with the location of fire points, the fire plan, and the organization of firefighting crews. Weights used can be built locally, or a calibrated load indicator, a dynamometer, or any item of the proper weight may be used. Regulations and publications for specific types of shipments are discussed below. Beyond unit SOPs, commanders must ensure that safety regulations and directives or other policies established by higher headquarters are followed during munitions operations.

AR establishes munitions and explosives safety standards to protect military personnel, Army civilian employees, the public, and the environment.

Explosive Safety

Army Training Concept When using electrical equipment, soldiers must follow operating instructions exactly. Implement controls that are effective in eliminating hazards and reducing risks.


Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Incidents That Define Process Safety. Special Forces Skills, Tactics, and Techniques.

A problem with more than one of these elements often leads to disaster. Code of Federal Regulations. Army Combat Skills, Tactics, and Techniques.

The generation of static electricity is not in itself a hazard. The goal of an explosives safety program is to provide safety guidance, resources, and assistance for leaders to meet the needs of their mission or operation without unnecessary loss of personnel and equipment.

Main Battle Tanks Military-Today. Shippers ensure that railcars receive a valid inspection.

AR 385-64 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program

Risk assessment and risk management must be fully integrated 385–64 operational planning and execution. Several publications dictate procedures for transporting hazardous materials. Size and load limits for MHE must be established and enforced. Safety awareness must be a primary concern of all soldiers regardless of rank. Transportation hazards include traffic accidents or saboteur incidents.