Al-Huda Bookstore › Aqeedatul Tahawi. Aqeedatul Translation of Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyib’s commentary of Aqeedat ut-Tahawi. Includes short. Al-ʿAqīdah aṭ-Ṭaḥāwiyya Arabic: العقيدة الطحاوية is a popular exposition of Sunni Muslim doctrine written by the tenth-century Egyptian theologian and Hanafi jurist Abu Ja’far Ahmad at-Tahawi. Sharh Aqeedatul Tahawi Urdu Sharah of Imam Tahawi’s Aqida Book Sharh Aqeedatul Tahawi Urdu Paperback Pages Darul Kitab Urdu Translation of.

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The explanation of this passed in the discussion of the Qur’aan being the Speech of Allaah Ta’ala. Indeed a person who carries out the actions of the inmates of Jannah, in the eyes of the people, yet he Is from amongst the inmates of the Fire and indeed a man carries out the actions of the inmates of the Fire, in the eyes of the people, and yet he is from amongst the inmates of Jannah.

Hence the fundamentals of Imaan are seven: But if he is correct then he will be greatly rewarded. To You is our return ” ism-ah naqara. This is notwithstanding the fact that Jannah is from amongst the realms of physical form in the celestial world. In fact, there is no scope in tahqwi to fathom and comprehend any condition of the Being of Allaah Ta’ala.

His power is unlike ours. He has prohibited them from probing into it. The encompassed cannot leave the perimeters of its encompassment, which is the Knowledge of Allaah Ta’ala.

Yes we have hope that Allaah accepts the good actions and virtuous acts. If one considers the bottom, then He is Baatin internal there is nothing below Him. It is aqeeddatul established that He has full and total cognisance of all the directions, because He encompasses everything.


That is, there is neither comparison to Him in so far as being is concerned, nor as far as quality, nor action, nor rank, nor status. Coincidentally, when he delivered a talk, more than 30 people attended it.

Aqeedatul Tahawi

Allaah Ta’ala has refuted and invalidated the interpretation of the Mutashaabihaat unclear verses and He has encouraged and advocated submission regarding them and accepting them without making any interpretation in them. Allaah surrounds has knowledge of and is in control of everything. But, even these means are His creations and they all depend upon Him.

He is the Knower of the unseen and the seen. It is not fabrications. This claim of theirs is a refutation of the concept of Wahi from Allaah Ta’ala.

There is no interference here by the intelligence of the servant. Verse 49J Aqeedatu Tahawi 71 It is therefore established that indeed everything has been created with limits and measures in so far as its creation, body, soul and all qqeedatul attributes are concerned. The possibility of Allaah Ta’ala having fear is Baatil spuriousin fact it is nonsensical.

Indeed he is only the giver of glad tidings and a wamer through the medium of this Speech. If Allaah wishes that any harm should afflict me, can they avert the harm? It is the Speech 2 of Aqeedatu Tahawi Allaah and no speech of any created being is comparable to it. This is the word of certainty.

Just like His Being is unlike ours, His Attributes are unlike ours. May Allaah Ta ala save ns from such tqhawi.

Since Allaah Ta’ala Himself was always existent, and this is unanimously accepted throughout the ages and nations, it follows that His Qualities were also always existent, and are an integral part of His Being. He thinks himself of doing good deeds, but on the Day of Qiyaamah his scales will be weitdnless. He Speaks through this Qur’aan Majeed, unlike us with a mouth or tongue. One of them used to sin and the other aqeedqtul in Ibaadat.


And also with regard to everything that emanates from aqeedatyl. It was He Allaah who revealed aseedatul you O Muhammad. Indeed the Slave is an embodiment of body and soul, not just a soul, otherwise it would have been said that he was taken by soul or his soul was taken. He is swift in reckoning calling people to account for their actions ” Surah Ru’ad. If the Mi’raaj did not took place in a sleep or with soul only, then it would not have been any extraordinary feat.

We believe 4 in the Angels, and the Ambiyaa, and the Books which were revealed to the Messengers. Indeed moderation is the distinguishing factor between emergence and falling astray. This is a definite and aqesdatul truth.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah

The origin is tahawii stronger than the offshoots. The understanding and the intellect of man cannot comprehend it Deviate are the ones who delve into it and successful are the ones who accept and believe in it.

And then to Aliaah As Aliaah Ta’ala says: It was there before He created the creation. The first point is Towheed in Khalq, i. As Allaah J a ala says: He will act according to it, when and how He desires.